Your Business Needs Video in 2020. Here’s Why.

By on December 10, 2019
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With the new year approaching, most businesses are exploring new ways to innovate and grow, and for many, improving communication is a key focus. If your company hopes to find more effective ways to communicate and collaborate with employees, customers, and partners in 2020, it’s time to consider an enterprise video platform.

Today’s most successful companies recognize that video can be used for far more than just conference calls. It can also make activities like delivering training, learning new skills, or sharing announcements far more effective. The key is finding an enterprise video platform that is accessible and can adapt to your business needs.

For more information on the future of video in the enterprise business landscape in 2020 and beyond, we chatted with Andy Covell, president and CEO of Ensemble Video.

How do businesses use video today?

Businesses use video in so many ways—and it’s an area in which many are continuing to expand and evolve. Today, the three most common uses of video I see in business environments include:

  • Sharing information: Most companies already use video conferencing to connect small groups of people and share information. Now, many are beginning to apply the same concepts that make video conferencing so effective to larger scale meetings. For example, some companies live-stream things like all-staff meetings, board meetings and leadership messages to a larger internal audience. Afterward, they can provide recordings for on-demand consumption, making meetings accessible to those who weren’t able to attend in real-time or who just want to revisit the topics discussed.

  • Training: Video has emerged as a great way to provide employee training sessions that are accessible, engaging and consistent. Many businesses choose to record their training programs so they can ensure that everyone receives the same information and can access the video content later should they need a refresher.

  • Learning: Learning doesn’t stop once an employee has been trained and onboarded. The most successful businesses realize that they need to provide ongoing learning and development opportunities for their team members, and using video to record and distribute educational content can make learning and development programs more accessible and scalable. Many businesses are also tapping in to video quizzing for training and compliance initiatives.

How can video technology benefit my business?

Video captures attention, boosts engagement and provides an alternative way for people to consume information (beyond written emails and memos), which can result in overall improved communication company-wide. It also allows operations to become more streamlined and standardized, which is especially important for companies with multiple offices or remote employees.

From a larger-scale perspective, video technology is a way for smart, knowledge-based businesses to compete—and stand out—within their industries. Utilizing video in new and innovative ways shows that your business is in tune with technology and making efforts to stay ahead of the curve.

How does video benefit employees, partners and customers?

Not only does video technology benefit the business itself, it also provides value to those who use the enterprise video platform—that is, the internal team as well as external partners and customers.

Internally, employees often feel more engaged and included when they have the opportunity to interact with video content, especially in large companies with multiple locations. Just think about how different it feels to watch an address from your CEO about your company’s performance and growth initiatives than it does to read one. That’s the power of video.

An enterprise organization can also use video externally to increase the success of a sales initiative or to more effectively introduce new products to key stakeholders. Video makes communication and collaboration between business partners and resellers more natural and seamless. Video is also an engaging way to promote, share and recap company events with a larger community of customers and partners.

If your business doesn’t leverage video in 2020, you’re missing out on an area full of opportunity and may risk losing your competitive advantage.

How do I find the right video platform for my business?

There isn’t a reluctance to create and consume video—the main challenge for many businesses is finding a solution that works well for their unique needs. So many companies rely on YouTube or in-house video management platforms that don’t align well with their objectives and work environment. Or they use third-party platforms that are unmanageable, complex and full of hidden costs.

If the video solution you’re currently using is falling short, it’s time to look for an alternative.

Start by evaluating your business’s needs and priorities. Consider who will be using your video platform, your current infrastructure and any security requirements. Then, research and compare your options, keeping in mind that you’ll want to choose a platform that can scale with your company as it grows and changes.

Ensemble Video was made to adapt to the many ways businesses like yours use video, and could be a great option for you if you are seeking a new video solution. Our enterprise video platform keeps content organized, secure, and accessible to employees, customers and partners. We’ve made it as flexible and easy as possible for businesses like yours to use. And because Ensemble integrates with a variety of tools, it’s completely scalable.

So many of our features have unique benefits for enterprise organizations. Here are just a couple of examples:

  • Ensemble Video’s Live Capture feature and Ensemble Anthem screen capture tools allows businesses to stream training sessions and create recordings.

  • Our platform also integrates with Zoom and WebEx, two of the top webconferencing platforms, so companies can easily communicate and share information.

  • Ensemble Video’s video quizzing can “gamify” employee learning and development, making it more fun, engaging (and measurable).

Are you ready to set your business up for success in 2020? Get in touch with our team at Ensemble Video and find out more about how your business can best utilize video technology in the new year and beyond.

The key is finding a video platform that truly works for your enterprise. In order to reap those productivity rewards, you need video technology that integrates with your current infrastructure, is easy for everyone to use and offers features that can scale with your company’s changing needs. If you think your enterprise could benefit from Ensemble’s video technology, connect with our team to learn more.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 7.52.03 AMSee how Ensemble Video compares to other video management platforms.

Our At-a-Glance Guide walks you through the factors you need to consider when choosing a video platform and shows how Ensemble stacks up to other competitors.

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