Amplified Case Study: Jasper Fox

By on June 26, 2014

We are stoked to reveal our new Ensemble Video Amplified Case Study featuring superstar teacher Jasper Fox, Sr., With more than a decade of classroom experience, Jasper promotes blended learning in his student-centered, asynchronous classroom.

Recipient of a Distinguished Technology Teacher Pioneer Award from the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center (LHRIC), Jasper hosts The Learning Lab with Jasper Sr.podcast on BAM Radio Pulse, a social radio network focused on education, and is nominated for a 2014 Bammy Award. Jasper blogs about his adventures at and maintains an active Twitter presence at @jsprfox.

Jasper focuses on techniques that ensure technology use is engaging, exciting, and provides a transformative experience for students. He exemplifies what’s possible when educators create simple, engaging videos to enhance teaching and learning. Jasper also empowers students to share knowledge and deepen understanding by creating their own instructional videos.

Amplified Case Study: Jasper Fox, Sr.

We hope you dive deep into this stuff. Jasper has so much to offer — whether you’re a teacher just beginning to think about using media to enhance teaching and learning, or an expert video educator running your own asynchronous or flipped classroom, or if you’re a principal or superintendent trying to support teachers in incorporating technology in the classroom.

In addition to our case study PDF, which is full of insight from Jasper and his students, this Amplified Case Study includes a growing library video interviews with Jasper and his students, sample videos from Jasper’s classroom, a fascinating infographic focusing on the learning experiences of Jasper’s students, and so much more.


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