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    New Ensemble Video Feature: In-Video Quizzing

    In our latest version 5.0, we introduced the long-requested feature: video quizzing. The Ensemble Video Quiz feature is useful for both universities and companies, allowing instructors and trainers to easily create quizzes on top of existing video...

    • Posted September 10, 2018
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    Engaging Remote Employees Through Video Content

    Modern workforces are changing, and most office jobs allow employees to work from anywhere with an internet connection, whether that’s from their home, a cafe near the main office or a workspace on the other side of...

    • Posted August 31, 2018
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    Beyond Lecture Videos: 4 New Use Cases for Your University Media Platform

    More and more schools are seeing the need for video in their classrooms and putting instructors’ lecture videos online for students to access after class, but few are using their university media platforms to their full advantage....

    • Posted August 17, 2018
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    Why You Should Consider an On-Premises Video Platform for Your Company

    On-premises video platforms are becoming more popular among organization leaders. That’s because on-premises, or self-hosted video platforms, help companies achieve a few key goals: Integrating video tools with existing hardware and resources Reducing monthly costs that can...

    • Posted July 31, 2018
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    Looking For a New Lecture Capture System? These Universities Made the Switch

    If you’re considering swapping your current lecture capture platform for a new solution, you’re in good company. Stetson University, Clemson University, St. John Fisher College, West Texas A&M University and Education University Hong Kong are just a...

    • Posted July 19, 2018
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    How Your Instructors Can Increase Classroom Engagement With Student Video Assignments

    Even as more and more university professors begin to incorporate video and flipped learning models in their classrooms to engage their students more deeply, many students are less engaged than ever with their coursework. As watching and...

    • Posted July 3, 2018
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    Using a Custom Employee Training Video Platform

    We know it can be tempting to use a free video service like YouTube or Vimeo to host your company’s training videos. But, because companies with unique video management and delivery needs, you should avoid free platforms...

    • Posted June 14, 2018
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    How to Double Down on Accessible University Video Content

    Putting the tools in place that empower students with disabilities is necessary to ensure every single student at your university is set up for success. But, as we’ve noted in a previous blog, only 17 percent of...

    • Posted May 24, 2018
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    Ensemble Video Onboarding: What to Expect From Training

    At Ensemble Video, we understand that every single one of our customers –– university or enterprise –– has their own needs, team capabilities and existing structures they work within when onboarding a new organization-wide tool. That’s why...

    • Posted May 10, 2018
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    Enterprise Resource Preview: Questions to Ask Yourself Before Securing Your Company Video Content

    There are many reasons to ensure company video security, like maximizing profitability, staying compliant or tracking employee viewing behavior. But to achieve those goals, there is a wide variety of security measures to pursue. To gain an...

    • Posted April 26, 2018
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