What to Prioritize in Your Campus-wide Video Solution

By on November 1, 2017
campus-wide video solution

Dozens of companies claim to provide the best campus-wide video solution, and every one offers countless features. Through all of this clutter, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what your university should prioritize as you search for a video platform.

In addition to baseline considerations like centralized video management, lecture capture and a custom-branded, private “campus YouTube,” what are the most important things to think about before making your final video platform decision?

Here are the seven features you should prioritize as you search for the most effective campus-wide video solution for your university.

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1. System-wide Security Settings

Universities need to protect intellectual property, licensed content and other course materials from unauthorized users. To secure private content, your campus-wide video solution should come equipped with end-to-end restrictions for videos and playlists. This ensures only authorized faculty and students can view and manage your content.

With Ensemble Video, students can log in through their university’s LMS, LDAP or Active Directory to gain secure and exclusive access to class lectures and live streams. If you want to further customize security settings across departments, courses and users, Ensemble Video offers a full menu of security options, including password protection, IP address or IP range restriction, concurrent viewer limits and more to meet your unique needs.

2. User-friendly Interface

Your instructors and students have varying levels of technical knowledge, so your campus-wide video solution must be easy to use for each video content manager and viewer. Every function–– from lecture capture to video management and video publishing––should be intuitive and straightforward.

One of Ensemble Video’s most user-friendly features is our Ensemble Video Dropbox tool for easily harvesting student assignments. With just a few clicks, instructors can quickly set up a Video Dropbox, create a unique URL and share that link for students to seamlessly upload video and audio files for grading.

3. Flexible Media Management

Many universities––especially large universities––need to efficiently manage media assets across several internal departments, individual libraries and users. If this is a pain point for your university, large or small, your campus-wide video solution should provide flexible institution-wide media management.

Ensemble Video offers a scalable and flexible management framework that allows universities to customize a hierarchy of user roles across departments and media libraries. So, whether your university needs a centralized, decentralized or hybrid management model, your faculty can easily share video and audio content to authorized users and groups.

4. Automated Media Workflows

The right campus-wide video solution should provide automated, end-to-end video workflows that support the diverse video capture, management and publishing needs of your faculty and students.

Ensemble Video offers several media workflow features that make video content delivery across devices easy for users of all skill levels, including:

  • Custom automated workflows to accelerate large-scale file ingest and encoding of content from video recorders, live streams or media files from your old video solution;

  • Streamlined lecture capture to remove stress from recording and streaming instructors’ lectures by scheduling and recording lectures on demand; and

  • Automatic video conversion to standardize video format for multi-device viewing based on the viewer’s available bandwidth.

5. Robust Integration Capabilities

To ensure your new campus-wide video solution doesn’t disrupt systems already in place, it should seamlessly integrate with your university’s existing hardware, software and LMS.

Ensemble Video’s ability to integrate with the tools you already use will save your university money and time on duplicate services, investments and research, making your transition to a new video platform hassle-free.

6. Compatibility Across Devices

Today’s students expect online coursework and class lectures to be readily available anytime, anywhere, so your campus-wide video solution must be compatible with any device, desktop or mobile.

Ensemble Video’s dynamic encoding tools and Adaptive Bitrate streaming guarantee a smooth playback experience, no matter the connection speed or viewing device. Whether students are in their dorm room, at the library or on the go, they’ll have access to course video content.

7. Affordability

The right campus-wide video solution will not only meet your functional requirements, but fall within your university’s budget. To ensure you’re getting everything you need without overspending, avoid solutions with unexpected, pricey add-ons or essential features sold separately. Instead, seek a solution that offers a wide-range of services at a single cost.

Ensemble includes all the tools and features your university needs to upload, manage and share video content at the most competitive price point on the market.

Want to learn more about Ensemble Video’s campus-wide video solution?

campus-wide video solution

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campus-wide video solution

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