Is Your University’s Classroom Capture System As Efficient As It Can Be?

By on July 15, 2019
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Do your instructors have to jump through too many hoops to get their lectures online for students to watch? That’s a sign your university video management platform isn’t as efficient as it could be.

To determine whether it’s time for a new classroom capture system, ask these three questions:

What is your process of starting recordings?

Do instructors at your university manually start and stop their recordings? They could be capturing classroom content with a more efficient video management platform.

Whether instructors are recording lectures, meetings, demonstrations, student presentations or something else, they can set up recordings to automatically start and stop with Ensemble Video’s automated classroom capture capabilities. Instructors can simply request your digital media team to automatically begin recording their lectures, or they can set up scheduled recordings themselves. With automated recordings, instructors won’t have to worry about running into last-minute technical difficulties or getting to their lecture early to set up for their recording.

How do you upload content to your video management platform?

Once instructors successfully record a video, they shouldn’t be responsible for manually transcoding and saving it to a video management platform. With Ensemble Video, instructors can automatically upload video from any format. Whether they have an MP4, MOV or any other file format, Ensemble Video will convert their video or audio file. Instructors will never have to deal with additional applications to convert their files, giving them time back in their day.

If an instructor decides to record their screen, conduct a video conference or share a YouTube video, Ensemble Video easily integrates with a variety of channels, making it easier for instructors to share videos with students or colleagues. Rather than source content and manually add it into a classroom capture system, Ensemble Video does the work for them.

How do you add videos to your Learning Management System (LMS)?

If the process of recording, uploading and sharing classroom videos isn’t seamless, you’re using the wrong classroom capture system. Ensemble Video has a simple media capture workflow for instructors to share content with students quickly and easily.

Ensemble Video offers a variety of LMS integrations, where instructors can upload video and add video quizzes, playlists and dropboxes. Plus, Ensemble Video guarantees content will play back on iPhones, iPads, Androids and computers, ensuring students can access classroom content on their preferred device. With Ensemble Video, the process of publishing video to your university’s LMS is simple and easy to manage, no matter an instructor’s experience with video technology.

Is your university’s classroom capture system effective?

If your answers to these three questions prove your university’s classroom capture system could be simpler, feel free to reach out. We’d love to tell you more about Ensemble Video’s capabilities.

Learn how Stetson University streamlined their lecture capture system with Ensemble Video.

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Stetson University knew they needed a video content management solution that would allow them to provide best-in-class sales training for students and stay competitive in their course offerings. Learn how they used classroom capture to innovate their operations.

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