Collaaj + Ensemble Video Taking Off at Brandeis University

By on December 4, 2014

Top ranked college, Brandeis University, found integration and ease-of-use a deciding factor with Collaaj+Ensemble. Faculty and staff at Brandeis University quickly adopted lecture capture and video streaming tools from Collaaj and Ensemble Video.

In 2014 Collaaj and Ensemble Video formed a partnership to combine the best in content creation, management, and publishing. Collaaj lecture capture solutions tightly integrated with Ensemble Video’s online video platform, enabling faculty and students to record lectures and presentations from any device, then seamlessly publish to their Learning Management System and other online platforms. Eli Jacobson, Media Technology Administrator in the Media Technology Services Department at Brandeis University, recently discovered the Collaaj + Ensemble integration, and shared his experience with the Collaaj team.

EliJacobsenJacobson is an expert in video, lecture capture and related solutions in the industry. He learnt of Collaaj when Collaaj and Ensemble Video announced their partnership earlier this year. His staff needed to document tutorials and faculty were interested in pre-recording lectures as well as capturing demonstrations. He was impressed with Collaaj due to its simple and seamless, integrated user experience. “We were intrigued by Collaaj’s integration with Ensemble Video, as the ability to eliminate the step of manually uploading content to allow online sharing is what made this product attractive over competitive products,” says Jacobson.

Seamlessly tied lecture capture, video management and streaming from Collaaj and Ensemble Video allow for quick transitions and usability. “Because of the ease-of-use of the product, we have had a quick adoption rate as faculty were able to learn to use the tool quickly and were excited about the potential uses of Collaaj for teaching,” says Jacobson “We have found that when software is not intuitive, difficult to use, or requires too many steps to achieve a goal, it is much more difficult to get people to adopt it.”

Jacobson found Collaaj to be useful in several unique cases; most recently he granted access to Collaaj to students in a Buddhist Art class. Students were asked to record a presentation and share it with the class. “This seemed like a good opportunity to use Collaaj as it would be easy to demonstrate to the students how to use the software to record their presentations as well as publish the recordings to the web so they can be shared with peers,” says Jacobson. “We are excited about the possibilities that can be achieved through the integration and partnership of the Collaaj and Ensemble products as this presents a valuable tool for use in teaching as well as learning.”

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Ensemble Video is a flexible online video platform that simplifies video management and delivers content any time, over a variety of networks. Ensemble Video enables hundreds of progressive organizations across the globe to accelerate learning, increase viewer engagement, improve knowledge sharing, and reduce the cost of doing business. Ensemble Video offers self-hosted, cloud-hosted, and multi-tenant deployments, and works in concert with a wide range of complementary video and web technologies to streamline video management and publishing.

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