Why Your Company Needs an Internal Video Management Platform

By on June 24, 2019
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If your company uses video in any way, you need an internal video management platform. From client video tutorials to employee training media, video helps thousands of companies run their businesses more efficiently. And to make operations efficient for your team and your clients, you want those videos to be secure and organized.

Here’s why an internal video management platform will help you keep your company information secure and improve organization for employee training and education.

Protect your company content

Does your company have videos containing important intellectual property that you want to protect from competitors? With Ensemble Video’s comprehensive enterprise video platform, you can control access to content to only those you want to engage with your videos. And whether you want your content to be public, private/public or totally private, Ensemble Video offers access restrictions for you to secure and control access to content. You can set up specific viewing restrictions such as:

  • Users or groups

  • Individual playlists or videos

  • Computers or networks

  • IP address or web address

Similarly, if your organization needs to privatize legal information or standards, or sensitive information about customers, you can choose what content you want to restrict from certain users or the public. Particularly if you’re working in a highly-regulated industry, you’ll want to have more control over privacy settings than public platforms like YouTube or Vimeo might allow to meet legal requirements for you industry. With an on-premise video management platform, your videos always remain secure and industry compliant.

Organize employee training and educational content

An internal video management platform can also help you train your staff and organize content for their use. With Ensemble Video, you can:

  • Create custom video trainings for employee onboarding to familiarize new employees with your company services and operations

  • Make video recordings to quickly bring your sales team and other staff members up to speed on new products and services

  • Store and organize content for your marketing team to easily find and share videos with your audiences

To create training videos, you can use Ensemble Video’s Live Capture feature or the Ensemble Anthem screen capture tool to stream and record presentations, or make your own video recordings. You can also use these tools to create educational software training videos for clients to keep them engaged and informed about your company’s updates. Ensemble Video also integrates with two of the top web conferencing platforms, Zoom and WebEx, so you can easily stream and share training videos or team broadcasts using a secure platform.

If you want to test employees on training videos or product updates, create quizzes within or at the end of videos. Simply publish quizzes on top of your video and then publish them to your content management system or webpage.

Simplify content management with a video management platform

An internal video management platform does more than help your company store and share videos. It can secure your company’s confidential information and streamline employee training and education processes.

Get in touch to learn more about the capabilities a video management platform offers your company. To learn more about how to secure your company video content and what features to look for in a video platform, download our digital resource.

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