Finding a Cost-Effective Video Platform for Your Health Care Organization

By on July 24, 2019

Whether it’s for recording grand rounds, traditional training or correspondence with a patient, video platforms are increasingly necessary for health care organizations to perform at high capacities.

However, health care organizations have many budgetary challenges to overcome when selecting new technology systems to implement institution-wide. This can be particularly challenging when looking for a video platform, because many on the market can be pricey and offer too many unnecessary features.

To find a video platform that provides the best value for your health care organization, prioritize on-premise security, easy-to-use meeting capture and affordability.

On-premise security

A health care organization must not only prioritize the health of their patients, but also be sure those patents’ records and information are secure. This includes video records. For example, if physicians are recording and storing grand rounds, they should be protected to ensure patient confidentiality and privacy.

Ensemble Video’s enterprise video platform allows you to control access to content through a variety of settings, from the most high-level to the most granular. Some of those settings include video restrictions by:

  • Users or groups

  • Individual playlists or videos

  • Computers or networks

  • IP address or web address

Ensemble Video’s security features enable administrators to enforce system-wide settings, like restricting viewing to your organization’s CMS. Or, if a doctor has a private message for a patient or a video containing sensitive information, Ensemble’s online video management system can enable password protection or individual user access.

With an on-premise security video management platform, your health care organization’s private content always remain secure.

Easy-to-use meeting capture

Grand rounds, general meetings or other internal discussions between your organization’s employees not only require a secure video platform, but also one that is easy to use. Whether you’re communicating with employees at the other end of the building or on the other side of the country, Ensemble Video’s online video management system allows you to effortlessly record and manage remote meetings.

Employees can store Zoom and WebEx recordings all in the same place, or record their screen within Ensemble Video, which automatically saves recordings. However, if physicians are hoping to record observational videos or presentations and stream them to their team, they can do so with our Live Capture feature or Ensemble Anthem screen capture tool.

All of Ensemble Video’s tools are easy to use and customizable to fit your health care organization’s needs. But, if you ever run into a challenge or simply want to expand your knowledge of our services, we offer cutting-edge customer service. Our support page features troubleshooting guides, helpful articles and a form to reach our team for personal assistance.


Health care organizations often struggle in their search because many video platforms come with too many bells and whistles at a steep price. They have to navigate all of the offerings and sometimes end up paying more for a platform that does not actually cover all of their needs. The truth is you don’t need complex, expensive features or equipment.

Ensemble Studio uses the Matrox Monarch LCS (and Matrox Monarch HD) to record and stream meetings and conferences. These recording devices are affordable and high-quality, and they enable dual-input meeting capture (picture-in-picture or side-by-side).



Secure, simple and cost-effective are the qualities that should define your health care organization’s video platform. You don’t have to look any further than Ensemble Video to find all three.

Learn more about how Ensemble Video’s cost-effective video platform can improve your health care organization by scheduling a demo.

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