4 Ways Your Healthcare Organization Can Use Ensemble Video

By on May 15, 2020
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Healthcare organizations have specific needs for technology that allow for confidentiality and high quality control. When introducing video technology as a way to record, manage and distribute important healthcare-related information, it must be secure and efficient. Healthcare organizations can use a centralized video platform to create and distribute training procedures, digital signage, marketing communications and secure content. Here’s how.

Video training

Up-to-date training is important for providing quality patient care and maintaining consistent processes. With video technology, your healthcare organization has an easy-to-use tool to create, manage and share how-to videos on topics such as patient management software, processes, policies, procedures, quality improvement and emergency protocols. For internal training purposes, Ensemble Video’s video quizzing feature allows managers to measure training progress, comprehension and results.

Our Zoom and WebEx integrations allow organizations to easily stream interactive health webinars, sharing important content with a large audience. On a smaller scale, video is also an effective way to provide patients with post-care or post-procedure information. Capturing essential training and health information on video promotes consistency in processes and procedures, fewer errors and omissions, and better quality patient care. It also creates a forward-thinking, technology-focused organizational culture where people have the ability to access and share information in the moment.


Many healthcare organizations post digital signage in their physical buildings, including offices, waiting rooms and lobby areas. This signage provides an opportunity to share video with healthcare providers, employees, patients and visitors in an engaging, attention-grabbing format. Ensemble Video’s new looping playlist allows healthcare organizations to deliver repeating video content through their modern digital signage. Clear, captivating video communication gives viewers the information they need, right where they are.

Marketing and communications

Just like other types of enterprises, healthcare organizations can tap into the power of video for marketing and communications. A video platform allows organizations to share engaging video content and important updates with a wider audience. Video is an especially helpful tool for streaming marketing and promotional content on public web properties, as well as live-streaming public or private events. Healthcare organizations can build credibility as a healthcare resource by creating branded portals that stream video content, communicating new policies and regulations, and sharing patient video testimonials.

Secure content

Confidentiality of patient information is crucial within healthcare. With a secure video platform like Ensemble, organizations can ensure that video content is shared with the right audiences—whether that’s the general public, a specific department or team, a patient population or even just one user. In instances where healthcare providers need to share sensitive information or stream and record surgeries for training purposes, organizations must utilize video technology that provides security options and gives them the ability to restrict access at different levels.

Ensemble Video creates efficiencies that yield an ultimate cost savings and give healthcare providers more time for direct patient interaction. Contact us to set up a video platform for your healthcare organization.

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