Using Video for a Flipped Classroom Part Two: The Flipped Classroom Technology You Need

By on February 26, 2018
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In part one of this two-part blog series, we discussed the reasons why flipped classrooms –– the educational technique where “homework” and interactive discussions are done in class and lectures are viewed outside of class –– are beneficial for students, including:

  • Students experience engaging and interactive lessons

  • Students have valuable student-instructor interaction

  • Students engage in self-paced learning

  • The proven outcomes that they benefit student success

In the second part of this series, we’ll walk you through the video technology your university needs to have in place so instructors can seamlessly make the switch to a flipped classroom, including lecture capture, screen and audio capture, adaptive bit-rate streaming, video catalogue organization, a video dropbox and secure course video content.

The Flipped Classroom Technology You Need at Your University

Lecture Capture

Before students can view your instructors’ lectures online, you must have the right lecture capture recording device in place. Ensemble Video uses Matrox Monarch lecture recording devices to capture and upload classroom lecture videos to course libraries. Once the lecture is uploaded, students can access this lecture anytime to review course content.

Screen and Audio Capture

If your instructors would prefer to simply share lecture slides with a voiceover instead of recording in-classroom lectures, you can implement a tool that has screen capture and audio capture features available at your disposal.

Adaptive Bit-rate Streaming

The video technology tool you implement should allow students to watch content anywhere, from any device, no matter their network capabilities. That’s why Ensemble Video utilizes adaptive bit-rate streaming, which continually monitors available viewer bandwidth and dynamically adjusts video quality accordingly, ensuring a smooth viewing experience.

Video Catalogue Organization

Implement a flipped classroom technology that allows you to organize videos and playlists by course instructor, department and more. Ensemble’s video platform is equipped with an easy-to-use management structure that accounts for the unique needs of individual course instructors and viewers.

Video Dropbox

With a video dropbox, students can upload videos to submit assignments, or share videos with fellow classmates they’re working on projects with. Creating video during class periods can also become a part of the flipped classroom experience for more engaging lessons.

[bctt tweet="Creating video during class periods can also become a part of the flipped classroom experience for more engaging lessons."]

Secure Course Content

It’s not enough to just put video content online. Your lecture and supplementary course videos should also be secure. Each course, instructor or department will require varying security settings for video content, so make sure to implement flipped classroom technology that allows you to set individual security settings.

Common Challenges When Implementing Flipped Classroom Technology and How to Tackle Them with Ensemble

Instructor Opt-in

Some university IT administrators may be concerned that even when you have flipped classroom technology in place, instructors will continue to use their old methods instead of new tools that enable flipped classrooms. This could be the result of instructors being intimidated by new video technology. But here’s the good news: Ensemble Video is easy to use, and instructors can get training before trying to use it alone. When you onboard with Ensemble Video, the Ensemble team trains your tech staff so they can work with instructors and other staff at your university on how to implement flipped classroom technology.


Especially at smaller universities, getting flipped classroom technology ready for all instructors can be an expensive feat. That doesn’t have to be a challenge when you use Ensemble Video. Ensemble offers a high-quality, budget-friendly video platform for universities who want to modernize their classrooms.

Are you ready to implement flipped classroom technology? Request a free trial today to get started flipping classrooms at your university.


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