How to Use an Online Video Management System for Your Health Care Organization

By on May 29, 2019
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From physician conferences to patient education, video can impact communications and processes at your health care organization in more ways than you might think. Whether your health care organization operates in one city or has offices nationwide, video can help staff and patients alike learn and communicate about your care.

An online video management system can help you streamline processes, and ultimately improve operations and services for staff and patients. Here’s how.

Ensure staff are fully trained

While onboarding new staff members, you likely require them to review training videos to get them up to speed about their position requirements or protocols at your organization. An online video management system allows you to keep all training videos in one place, and ensure staff members are watching videos all the way through. Ensemble Video can track each user’s activity to ensure everyone has completed the required training.

To further test comprehension, particularly for critical topics like safety, you can also create quizzes within or at the end of videos to test staff on topics covered in the training.

Educate patients

With an online video management system, you can produce and share videos with external audiences as well. Reviewing fine-print documents after a doctor’s visit can be overwhelming for patients. A video can be a comforting, helpful addition to any print materials they receive. In your video management system, you can include content that communicates with patients about what to expect from your services, a particular procedure or how to navigate insurance.

Ensemble Video’s security features also ensure your videos will only be seen by those who have permission. If a doctor has a private message for a patient or a video contains sensitive information about your organization, Ensemble’s online video management system can password protect media, ensuring it isn’t viewable to outside organizations.

Help physicians and staff meet from anywhere

Whether you are conducting a staff meeting between facilities across the country, or your physician team needs to conference with a specialist from out of town, your team can use an online video management system to record and manage remote meetings. They can store Zoom and WebEx recordings all in one place, or record their screen within Ensemble Video, which will automatically save recordings.

Physicians and their team can also use an online video management system to record and store grand rounds, then refer back to them later for reference in a similar patient’s case. Physicians can also record observational videos and stream them to their team with Ensemble Video’s Live Capture feature.

Make using video easier at your health care organization with an online video management system

An online video management system can streamline internal and external processes at your health care organization. See for yourself how one senior living organization leveraged Ensemble Video for employee learning and development. If you want to learn more about how an online video management system can benefit your health care organization, feel free to reach out.


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