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By on April 14, 2010
Podcast Producer & Ensemble Video

Podcast Producer has caught on as a tool for automatically capturing and processing video content. With a program developed by Go4Cast, an Apple consulting firm, Podcast Producer output can be automatically imported into your Ensemble Video libraries. 

Podcast Producer 2, which is bundled with the Macintosh Snow Leopard OS, can provide a central service for capturing video. Here is a short video from Rusty Gardner, Director of the Digital Media Group at Florida State College in Jacksonville, that introduces Podcast Producer and Podcast Capture, from an end-user perspective.

Podcast Producer and Podcast Capture, Rusty Gardner

Mike Hjorleifsson, a principle at Go4Cast Consulting in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, has developed a special piece of software for the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy that can integrate Podcast Producer and Ensemble Video. Mike’s software monitors the output of Podcast Producer Workflows and automatically copies new videos into a Podcast Producer import directory in Ensemble Video. Once this happens the video content is automatically added to your video library, with catalog information, so you can catalog and publish the video to any of your Ensemble Video Web destinations, or share with other Ensemble Video users.

A Podcast Producer Workflow is a bundled set of processes on the Podcast Producer server that can convert captured video content and convert it to various output formats and can customize the video with watermarking and video leader/trailer inserts. Workflows are completely customizable and are based on an XML specification. Podcast Producer experts can author and modify Workflows to suit the needs of the institution and the end user.

This integration of Podcast Producer and Ensemble Video is very powerful, since it combines the very easy, automated video capture and processing of Macintosh desktops, laptops, and servers, with the very flexible publishing and sharing mechanisms of Ensemble Video.


Mike Hjorleifsson’s software was developed for Workflows that process recorded videoconferences from a Tandberg Content Server, but this software can work with any Podcast Producer Workflows, including those driven by Podcast Capture software that is bundled on Macintosh desktops and laptop computers (and is featured in the video at the top of this blog entry).

The Podcast Producer-Ensemble Video integration provides for desktop viewing as well as video viewing on mobile devices.


This gives your viewers the best of both worlds. They can view on a laptop or desktop, and can connect those devices to a large flat-panel plasma or LCD display. Or they can view the content on the go via iPod or iPhone.

When an Ensemble Video Organization administrator sets up the Podcast Producer import directory in Ensemble, he or she can optionally specify a Adobe Flash Media or Wowza Media streaming server to copy the high quality version of the video, so it can be streamed to the viewer.


This is definitely preferable for lectures, classroom presentations, board meeting, and other long form content, since viewers can quickly and easily seek to different parts of the video.

Once the video is imported form Podcast Producer, you can easily publish your videos to iTunes and iTunes U.


The integration of Ensemble Video with Podcast Producer makes it easy to automatically capture and publish video to multiple internal or external audiences.

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