How Video Technology Can Boost Productivity in the Office

By on February 19, 2020

The right video platform helps an enterprise work more efficiently and effectively. Using video technology for meeting capture, training and onboarding, video quizzes and other business processes will ensure everyone in the company is informed and up to date. Mobile capabilities add another layer of efficiency, allowing people to share and view video content on the go. Video technology also contributes to greater employee engagement and higher retention, which boosts overall workplace productivity.

Video technology streamlines workplace processes

Think of your enterprise video platform as a central hub for important information in your workplace. An organized, secure video library allows authorized users to easily access and share content—and not waste time searching for or recreating it. Employees can record meetings, training sessions and announcements that can then be distributed to multiple people and viewed multiple times. Video technology boosts productivity by ensuring everyone is up to speed and can quickly find, consume and share the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

Meeting recordings

Companies can simplify meeting capture by using a video platform that integrates with their enterprise video conferencing systems, including WebX and Zoom. This type of technology allows businesses to automatically store and stream virtual meetings, keeping the recorded sessions organized and secure. Employees can easily find and view the content on demand, and anyone who missed a meeting can quickly get the information they need and get to work—without having to rely on another team member to fill them in.

Training and onboarding

Video is an effective way to capture need-to-know information, provide training for different tools and technologies, roll out initiatives and conduct new employee onboarding. With video technology, a business can offer attention-grabbing visual learning tools and keep training consistent across the company. Forget those all-day, in-person training meetings. An organized video library acts as a virtual training platform where employees can find the content they need, complete training on demand, and return to a video if they have questions or need a refresher. Video technology also allows companies to communicate information to large or remote groups efficiently, so all parties can hit the ground running.

Video quizzes

When it comes to training, how do you know if employees understand and retain the information? Video technology increases information retention; research has found viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in video, versus 10% if they read it. Enterprises can take training a step further by utilizing video quizzes to make sure everyone is up to speed and on the same page. Quizzes also allow businesses to quickly identify areas where employees may need more training in order to maximize productivity.

Mobile video is a game-changer for businesses

While many employees spend time working in an office, today’s face-paced business world is increasingly on the go. To be successful, innovative companies are utilizing mobile technology that meets this demand. Ensemble Video’s new mobile app gives enterprises the flexibility to record, share and view videos from anywhere—a feature that’s especially important for companies with remote employees.

Using an iPhone or iPad, everyone from executives to employees can create on-the-spot recordings of how-to demonstrations, customer interviews, client feedback or special events, as well as easily share videos with colleagues and team members. They can also download video content and watch it offline, so work productivity doesn’t have to dip if WiFi access isn’t available. On-the-go access to video technology allows everyone in the company to stay connected and work smarter.

Technology improves employee engagement and retention

When businesses use video technology, they not only create more efficient processes, but also foster more deeply engaged employees. Research shows that people are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read print. Video technology offers an engaging, effective way to provide training, share information and measure knowledge. It makes people’s jobs easier and more enjoyable.

Implementing technology gives employees confidence that their company is providing efficient, modern ways to train and engage them. With on-demand viewing, employees can use their time wisely and have more flexibility and control of their schedule, contributing to greater job satisfaction. Happy, engaged employees translate to higher productivity and employee retention.

The key is finding a video platform that truly works for your enterprise. In order to reap those productivity rewards, you need video technology that integrates with your current infrastructure, is easy for everyone to use and offers features that can scale with your company’s changing needs. If you think your enterprise could benefit from Ensemble’s video technology, connect with our team to learn more.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 7.52.03 AMSee how Ensemble Video compares to other video management platforms.

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