UI Chicago Peregrine Falcon Live Stream!

By on May 16, 2013

The University of Illinois at Chicago and falcon expert Mary Hennen provide a live bird’s-eye view of a Peregrine Falcon nest in northern Illinois. Watch the live feed below, powered by Media@UIC through Ensemble Video.

The birds are currently in their incubation period, and ready to hatch any moment. Typically, northern Illinois Peregrine Falcons begin to hatch around Mother’s Day, so check back often. Over the following weeks, the male falcon will hunt and bring food back to the nest for the female falcon and chicks. The chicks will make their first attempts at flight in mid-June or July.

If you miss any of these milestones, UIC also uses Ensemble to publish a variety of still images collected by Mary and her team. Click to view Peregrine Falcon photos from past years.

Learn more about the Chicago Peregrine Program and Field Museum.

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