Using Ensemble’s Video Security Features at Your College

By on January 24, 2018
video security features at your college

Whether you’re abiding by video licensing rules or protecting content for students and instructors, implementing video security features at your college is extremely important. That’s why we’ve made providing a wide range of video security features a priority.

While other providers offer a handful of video security features, Ensemble Video’s security capabilities are truly unique. Here’s how:

Flexibility of security structure

Through Ensemble, video security features at your college include a host of options from the highest, institution-wide level all the way to the most granular, video- or user-specific level. This flexibility of security structure differentiates Ensemble Video from other video platform providers.

You can select individual security settings for:

  • a single video

  • a course library

  • an entire organization (i.e. a business school, media studies department, etc.)

  • an entire college

Our flexibility of video management allows you to easily make individual changes to video security settings at every one of these levels.

Additionally, Ensemble Video offers the flexibility of selecting AND/OR options for each of these settings. Each security setting can be connected with “AND” and “OR” statements, adding further logic to video security features and your college. For example, you can require a viewer to have a login AND be on campus to access a video, or you could require a viewer to be on campus OR have a login to access that video.

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Flexibility of security features

The most important feature you need to secure your university video content is the ability to restrict video viewing to your college’s learning management system (LMS), which is typically done by limiting viewing to certain web addresses. This is a crucial feature for protecting licensed videos and ensuring your college stays compliant with licensing requirements.

In addition to only permitting video viewing through LMS via restricted web addresses, Ensemble offers an array of additional options to protect video security, including the ability to:

  • Restrict video viewing by IP address. This feature allows you to restrict video viewing to a specific lab, room or even individual computer. For example, a video may only be viewable from your library. This video security feature also allows you to remain compliant with video usage rules.

  • Restrict number of concurrent video viewers. If video licensing requirements also dictate that only one person can view a video at one time, Ensemble Video offers a feature that allows you to limit number of viewers. So, if video licensing allows only one viewer to watch Avatar, we can help.

  • Restrict videos by requiring a login form or password. With this feature, users log in with their campus username and password to view a video. This way, only individuals associated with your college can view a video. This feature also provides the added benefit of improved video tracking. With username login, an instructor can report on which students are watching videos and for how long.

  • Restrict videos to library, organization or entire institution. Ensemble Video enables administrators to enforce security settings to specific libraries, organizations or institutions. For example, if you would like an instructor’s media library content to only be viewable in Moodle, you can use the library-specific security restrictions. If you would would like your Business School’s media to be limited to on-campus viewing, you can use organization-specific security restrictions. And if you would like your entire institution’s media content to be restricted to your Identity Provider AND/OR an IP address range, you can use the institution-specific security restrictions area to enable this setting.


When you onboard with Ensemble Video, our team works directly with you to ensure the video security features at your college are set to exactly what you need. If there are any video security needs unique to your college, the Ensemble team will help you figure out how to achieve them.

Our team is constantly working to implement new features based on customer needs, and we strive to quickly make any improvements based on your feedback. With that in mind, the upcoming version of Ensemble Video will have improved statistics reporting for LMS and user viewing data, among other improvements.

To explore our video security features at your college, request a free trial or set up a demo with the Ensemble team.


comparison guide ecoverIn addition to end-to-end security features, what else should you look for in a campus-wide video platform?

Every college is different. That’s why it’s important to find the right video platform that fits your school’s most pressing needs. Download our comparison guide now to find the perfect platform for your institution.



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