Using Video for Social Learning at Your University

By on March 11, 2019
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Some say they learn best by doing, and others learn best by watching. Learning by watching is a crucial part of social learning, or the practice of learning by observing the behaviors and actions of others.

And what better way to observe others’ behavior than through video?

Video is a perfect way to incorporate social learning at your university. With the right tools in place, your instructors will find the practice easier than ever and will use social learning to show –– not just tell –– their lessons.

Why video is an effective tool for social learning

Today’s students expect more from a course than to listen to their professor speak and take notes on what is said. They expect a more stimulating classroom experience, and engaging audio and visual lessons are major parts of that.

Video provides windows to other worlds and situations that are outside of a regular class day for students at your university. Instructors appreciate this because it allows them to give their students a broader range of experiences than they can in their own classroom alone.

How universities use video for social learning

Social learning combines attention, memory and motivation, and is helpful in most subjects, especially language and business courses.

Language courses

Videos with closed captions allow students to both listen and read along when learning a new language, helping them see the context in which the language is being used.

Ensemble offers multi-language captions to make videos accessible to everyone, break language barriers and ensure social understanding for all students.

Sales training in business schools

In sales training courses, students can watch effective sales conversations play out, and mimic the practice by recording themselves holding mock sales conversations for evaluation.

One example of a school that did this is Stetson University, whose leaders decided to innovate their curriculum by providing video sales training simulation to business students.

Video tools and features your university needs for social learning

To give all students a well-rounded video experience that is both engaging and effective for social learning, your university’s video platform should have all of these capabilities:

  • Closed captions make it easy for students to read video dialogue and follow along with actions to ensure greater understanding of situations presented, and allow students with hearing impairments to gain the full video experience.

  • Automatic captions are a great way to save time adding those captions to videos for social learning.

  • Interactive transcripts and search inside allow students to find and revisit specific moments in social learning videos to recall crucial information.

  • A Video Dropbox allows students to create and submit their own assignments, helping them to learn from one another through creative video projects.

  • Video quizzes help instructors gauge student understanding of social learning videos and improve focus on video content.

  • Video playlists and portals allow instructors to organize video content by subject to make social learning videos easy to find for their students.

Learn how leaders at one university leveraged Ensemble Video to bridge the gap between academia and application in their sales program.

To take their sales program to the next level, educators at Stetson University in Florida implemented Ensemble Video’s video content management platform to create a best-in-class training simulation program.

campus-wide video solution


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