Why Your Enterprise Needs Closed Captions

By on April 28, 2020

Enterprise businesses rely on video technology for employee onboarding, corporate training, recording meetings, internal communications, external communications and more. Video technology is proven to boost productivity in the office, and it had become a staple in offices around the country long before the coronavirus hit. But in the last few months, as so many offices have transitioned to a fully remote setup almost overnight, video has become more important than ever, and so have video closed captions. Here’s why closed captions are so critical for your business.


At Ensemble Video, we believe strongly that everyone should have access to high-quality video content. Ensuring accessibility is also critical in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Closed captions in your video content make videos accessible to employees and customers who are hard of hearing. This is especially important now, as more people with varying abilities are relying on video than ever before.

To streamline caption creation, Ensemble Video provides automatic captioning with speech-to-text technology. These automatic closed captions can then be edited to ensure accuracy and clarity throughout your videos. Ensemble also goes beyond closed captioning to also provide interactive and downloadable transcripts. These interactive transcripts are searchable and can be viewed in a variety of formats, allowing users to customize their experience.

Language Options

To make your video accessible and useful to a larger audience, you can add closed captions in multiple languages. If this feature is enabled, viewers can click the “CC” button on the Ensemble Video Player to select their preferred caption language.

At this time, Ensemble Video customers can create and edit captions in Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), Italian, English (US), English (Australia) and English (Great Britain). Ensemble Video does not translate content, but if you have global offices or a global audience, these features allow your team to share your video content much more widely. For example, enterprise users have taken advantage of these capabilities to standardize employee onboarding worldwide and allow onboarding to continue even when employees can’t be together in a physical office.

On-The-Go Viewing

Often, the key to high employee or audience engagement is to make content easy to access on-the-go. Think of an employee taking care of their continuing education requirements on the train to work, or a customer scrolling through your external communications while waiting for an appointment. Today more than ever, people need the flexibility to work or consume content in whatever location is most convenient for them.

Closed captions and transcripts give your audience more options. Even if they don’t have headphones on them and can’t listen to a video at a given time, they can still consume your content by watching it on mute or skimming a transcript. The businesses that succeed with video are those that give users plenty of tools for viewing content so they can choose the options that work best for them. With Ensemble Video, giving your audience these choices is easy.


Ensemble Video’s transcripts make it easy for employees or customers to search inside your videos for the information they are looking for. By typing a word or phrase in the searchable transcript, viewers can play the video from the specific point they are looking for. This closed captions tool makes it easy for viewers to play the parts most relevant to them or revisit specific sections of your videos. This is especially important today, as employees and customers are both consuming more video content at a faster pace than in the past.

Are you ready to use closed captions?

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