CASE STUDY: SU College of Law

By on October 28, 2013

The Syracuse University College of Law curriculum combines a balanced commitment to scholarship, teaching, and research. Joel Whitney is the Computer Consultant for the College of Law, creating curriculum videos and rich media guides as part of Syracuse University’s Office of Information Technology and Support Services. He records and produces video for faculty curriculum, student study guides, and promotional videos for the college administration.

Since 2008, the College of Law has chosen to utilize the Ensemble Video platform to provide a video content management system on dedicated servers, to meet the growing demand for video media in its curriculum.

Initially, the Ensemble Video platform managed recorded lectures, special interviews, and presentations. Today, the platform serves the sophisticated on-demand media needs of 800 students and more than 85 faculty and administrators at the College of Law.


  • Need to manage and deliver video and to students on any device, at any time
  • Need to integrate media into curriculum


  • Students can access course videos anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • Improved student learning through video enabled curriculum

The annual volume, currently over 400 video uploads, is constantly growing and users have anytime, anywhere, any screen access to the catalog of material.

“Students have tremendous interest in video curriculum and expect easy access, including phones and other mobile devices,” said Whitney. “We constantly expand our use of Ensemble Video, and their technology helps us simplify video management, integrating as much automation as possible.”

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