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By on April 5, 2016
Low Cost Lecture Capture - Ensemble Anthem

What is Lecture Capture?

Lecture Capture is an umbrella term describing technology that allows instructors to record what happens in their classrooms and/or on their screen so they can make it available online in a Learning Management System (LMS) for their students. The term is used to describe a wide array of software, system capabilities, and hardware options. In its most complex form, lecture capture might be a scheduled recording made with an automated recording system and hardware appliance, such as Ensemble Studio. Alternatively, the term might refer to a software capture program, such as Ensemble Anthem, a powerful Mac and Windows screen-capture solution that enables lecture capture, screen capture and flipped learning. Ensemble Anthem enables users to easily record your screen movements with audio, and/or record video from a webcam. Ensemble Anthem offers several important benefits: it is a great alternative when students miss class it is great for class review, especially for complex screen-based topics; and it is a great tool for creating custom content for online courses.

How does Lecture Capture Work?

Did you ever listen to a song and feel like the lyrics were written for you? Well Ensemble Anthem is the low-cost lecture capture system that was made for you. Ensemble Anthem is easy to use and simple to set up. Ensemble Video users can launch a recording by hitting the “Record” button in their Ensemble Video Media Library. Or users can launch the screen capture tool from a desktop shortcut, their Windows taskbar or from the dock on a Mac. In most cases, users have access to a camera (webcam or mounted camera) and a microphone connected to their computer. After a couple clicks the recording is activated and Ensemble Anthem is capturing the lecture. After the instructor has completed the lecture, it is automatically uploaded into the Ensemble Video library and can be auto-published to any playlist or LMS. The lecture is viewable on variety of devices over a variety of networks.


Why is Lecture Capture so popular?

Just like a great rock anthem, Ensemble Anthem lectures can be very powerful! Ensemble Anthem recordings enhance and extend existing instructional activities, whether in face-to-face, fully online or blended learning environments. Ensemble Anthem works especially well in subject areas where students benefit from repeated viewing of content, as when complex information is discussed or formulas are written on a board. The video-on-demand (VOD) portion of lecture capture allows students to closely examine the steps of a demonstrated procedure, or stop and focus on important actions in a science experiment. Lecture capture may assist students who find themselves struck by a particular comment or topic in the course, because they can view the video a number of times. Of course, some educators worry that students may cut classes in favor of viewing Ensemble Anthem captured lectures. We think that is more of a myth. Since the advent of VHS tapes, DVDs through VOD today, students still attend classes and I think we all understand that nothing can replace interactive, real-time instruction. Think about it, recordings take as much time to absorb as a live lecture, but they don’t offer the opportunities for question-and-answer or interaction with their classmates.

Where is Lecture Capture going?

Ensemble Anthem is rocketing up the charts when compared to other screen capture tools, and the number of recorded lectures is growing by the minute. Ensemble Anthem also enables students to create personal course archives. A video management system or video platform to store, search and archive all of the material is also needed, and this is where Ensemble Video comes in. Ensemble Video streamlines video capture, video management and video publishing to any Learning Management System (LMS) or Content Management System (CMS). Blending the capture, management and publishing capabilities is a strength of Ensemble Video. Faculty members can annotate and reorganize what they create, and students can search and consume content from their course, all because of Ensemble Video and Ensemble Anthem.

How does Lecture Capture impact teaching and learning?

Report CardThe great thing about Ensemble Anthem is that it makes a memorable impact, just like your favorite song. That memorable impact is crucial when your goal is to enhance teaching and learning with video. As we mentioned, Ensemble Anthem offers several important benefits: it is a great alternative when students miss class it is great for class review, especially for complex screen-based topics; and it is a great tool for creating custom content for online courses. The best part is it is so easy! Ensemble Anthem works seamlessly in multiple locations — instructors and guest speakers can present from any location that has appropriate recording equipment.

It could be a classroom or an office, as long as you have a microphone, you are good to go. At the same time, Ensemble Anthem adapts easily to a variety of delivery models— mobile devices, laptops, or high-quality presentations. Ensemble Video and Ensemble Anthem provide convenience for students and superior flexibility for faculty, instructional designers and IT professionals.


As you can see, Ensemble Anthem low-cost lecture capture software enables new educational opportunities—for distributed learning students as well as residential students, in face-to-face, online or blended courses. Faculty can capture their screens, record what they are doing and share their video with colleagues and students on their own campus or disparate campuses. After all, in our dreams we are all the lead singer. With Ensemble Anthem, you are the lead singer!

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