How to Turn Your iPad or iPhone into a Classroom Video Studio

By on March 18, 2016

Educators, students, and media professionals are discovering how iOgrapher turns EnsembleLive and your mobile device into a superior movie shooting machine.

iPads, iPhones and Android mobile devices are everywhere, and educators have found many ways to enhance teaching and learning with these devices — because they make it so easy to create and share video. Countless instructors use the EnsembleLive mobile app to broadcast and record on-the-go from smartphones and tablets, which is indeed great news, but I’m here today to tell you it has gotten even easier.

Have you ever taken a photo or video on your iPhone, Android phone or iPad? In most cases it works great, but have you ever struggled with impersonating a tripod? I’ll ask the question another way, have you ever noticed your video or photos are blurry because you are shaking or unstable? I would guess you the answer is yes, or at least you’ve had an experience where you wished you’d had a tripod when you were recording video on your smartphone or mobile device.


That’s why you need to know about iOgrapher. iOgrapher offers a number of products that turn your iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone or Android device into a full blown video camera with the iOgrapher mobile media filmmaking case. Trust me, the iOgrapher cases will change the way you capture video and can dramatically improve recording quality.


Educators and students can now shoot like a pro without having to schedule the video production staff!

The easy, secure snap-on case makes shooting events with EnsembleLive in your classroom or auditorium simple. The iOgrapher case will help you confidently film classroom presentations, field trips or student projects — no more jittery hands, dropped iPads, or fingers in front of the lens. Oh yeah, the cases are made from high grade polycarbonate/ABS blend so you know the iOgrapher is extremely tough and durable, and it stands up well to any shooting environment. Media professionals appreciate the ability to add 37mm lenses to a convenient threaded lens mount for higher quality (non-digital) wide angle, fisheye and macro lenses. In addition, three accessory mounts along the top allow for easy attachment of lighting and audio gear. A rugged tripod mount supports any standard tripod, monopod or portable dolly, making continuous shooting a breeze. Finally, iOgrapher was invented by high school teacher David Basulto to make video recording quality better, yet it still allows for the mobility and freedom of an iPad for video recording. I think we can all get behind a functional and affordable tool like the iOgrapher!

In my experience, there are a few things to think about if you are serious about using EnsembleLive and iOgrapher.

  1. Ensure you have proper room lighting (or make sure you purchase a lighting attachment) because it will improve the quality of your video.
  2. Choose simple and clean visual background (if you can). The mobile devices are great for shooting video, but they do have their limits.
  3. Choose simple clothing and attire (if you can). Media producers don’t like plaid, striped shirts or dotted dresses!
  4. Use a directional mic to reduce background noise (papers, students, etc.). Again, the on-board tools on these mobile devices do have their limits.
  5. Use a tripod to guarantee stable footage. Any standard camera tripod will work.

One of the best things about the iOgrapher and EnsembleLive combination is that “tear down” after the shoot is quick and easy. I have personally dismantled the setup and packed everything away in less than 3 minutes, so it is not going to hold you up. I’ve also just grabbed the whole setup and stuffed it in a closet for storage, which works too.

Clearly the combination of EnsembleLive and the iOgrapher is a great one-two punch for recording on-the-go from a smartphone or tablet. Educators are documenting school field trips and student presentations. Coaches are using EnsembleLive and iOgrapher to record their athletes during games and practices for feedback and analysis. Media producers are recording events and activities in their buildings or outside their buildings. You are only limited by your own creativity and willingness. Try it out!

The Recommend Starter Kit – $230.35

iOgrapher Filmaking Case of iPad 2/3/4 – $59.99


AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag – $21.41


Rode Video Mic Go – $99.00 (Optional)


Manfrotto ML240 LED With Bonus Case for iPhone 5 (Optional) – $49.95


Of course you need EnsembleLive and a mobile device, but you can see that you can spend $59.99 to get the case and if you want to guarantee lighting, sound and stability, you can get it all for $230.35. After that, you just use EnsembleLive, the iOgrapher cases and components to turn your iPad or iPhone into a classroom video studio.

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