Why Your Organization Needs Zoom Integration Capabilities

By on October 9, 2020

With people across the country learning and working remotely for so much of this year, many companies and universities alike have shifted to using Zoom for virtual interaction. But there have been plenty of challenges. This past spring, the rapid shift to remote meetings left many vulnerable to security issues. From offensive “Zoombombing,” in which malicious users hack school or workplace calls, to privacy lapses, Zoom needed time to address problems that arose with the rapid expansion of the platform.

Whether you’re an educator or running business meetings, these issues can be detrimental. You need to be able to ensure that everything you do is secure in order to provide the best experience possible to those you work with. However, Zoom has been proactive about addressing these issues, with security patches and the addition of encryption software.

At Ensemble Video, we take your privacy and security seriously. And while we can’t control Zoom’s security decisions, our Zoom Integration can seamlessly ensure that all of your meetings, videos and presentations are integrated into your video library safely.

Why you need a Zoom Integration

Due to COVID-19 and the mass shift to remote learning and working, Zoom is now a staple in most organizations around the globe. Schools and businesses rely on this tool to do everything we would normally do in person, now online. Even as things return to the new normal, we can expect to see Zoom continue to be a major part of our day-to-day work and school lives. In fact, many companies like Google are already announcing their shift towards more flexible work schedules moving forward.

Now that so much has been done to set up remote learning and work environments, it’s likely that these tools will be used to manage ongoing needs. For example, if there are short-term closures due to inclement weather, employees and educators will be prepared to work from home with little disruption to the day-to-day operations.

As such, using a video management platform that integrates with Zoom is crucial. Your organization likely already has a CMS or LMS, and now it simply needs your Zoom meetings and videos to smoothly (and safely) transition to your existing platform.

How Ensemble Video’s Zoom Integration works for you

No matter how your organization uses Zoom, we can support your integration, security and video management. Our Zoom Integration provides your organization the opportunity to:

Manage Security

While we can’t control what happens on your live Zoom meeting, we can ensure that after your session is over, your content will remain secure. With Ensemble’s Zoom Integration, you control the security access. This allows you to ensure the right groups have access to the appropriate content.

Store Video

These days, educational organizations and businesses of every size rely on Zoom to livestream everything from all-school announcements to board meetings. With Ensemble, once your Zoom meeting ends, it will automatically ingest your video recording for you to manage. Then, with your Zoom recordings in Ensemble, it’s easy to create and manage your content and use tools to create playlists. Once your playlists are set up, recordings can be automatically published to playlists in an LMS or CMS.

Publish Video

After Zoom content is saved to a video management system, organizations need to be able to easily share it with employees and students. Ensemble makes it easy to publish your videos into any CMS, LMS or website, complete with captions or transcriptions. Additionally, our Zoom video platform integration offers a simple, graphical user interface so that anyone can manage Zoom recordings, no matter their level of technical experience.

Are you ready to get started with Ensemble Video?

If you’re ready to get started, contact us today. If you want to learn more about how Ensemble can change your day-to-day video operations, request a demo, or check out our guide 3 Days to Ensemble: A Guide to Onboarding Your University With a Streamlined Video Platform.

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