How Remote Working and Video Collaboration Will Shape Business in 2021

By on November 18, 2020
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Almost a year into the coronavirus pandemic, there is still a lot of uncertainty about what work will look like in 2021. Many office workers are cautiously venturing back to their desks, while many more are planning to work from home for the next year, or even permanently. One thing is for certain: our work lives will continue to look dramatically different than they did a year ago. For many employees, remote working and video collaboration will shape 2021 as much or more as they have shaped 2020.

In 2021, your organization needs to prepare for staggered in person work days, flexible work schedules, digital collaboration and continuing to engage employees remotely.

Staggered in-person work days

For companies already heading back to the office, or planning to in the coming months, office layout has become a top concern. For many offices, this means spacing desks or workstations further apart to maintain social distancing. And in order to make that possible, many businesses are experimenting with staggering when their employees come into the office. That way, workers can use alternating work stations and leave space in between them.

Even with a presence back in the office, businesses need tools that support long-distance collaboration, because a portion of the workforce will be remote on any given day. In these cases, offices need to adopt a hybrid model, allowing employees in the office and employees at home to seamlessly collaborate.

Streaming meetings will be key to these hybrid models. As companies return some employees to the office, they may choose to install more robust streaming hardware, to allow for things like streaming video that shows an entire conference room or can clearly display a brainstorming session on a whiteboard. Ensemble Video supports remote working video collaboration in two ways. The first is through our integration with Wowza, making it more straightforward to capture and stream your meetings for your entire team. The second is through our integration with Zoom and WebEx so you can automatically capture, upload and manage all of your video conferencing.

Flexible work schedules

From the COVID-driven childcare crisis to the needs of employees with lasting health impacts from the coronavirus, the possibility of flexible, non-traditional work schedules is in the public eye. Luckily, those same collaboration technologies that make remote work possible can ease the challenges of having different employees on different schedules.

For many companies, the number-one tool for remote meetings, presentations and group-work sessions has been Zoom. With Ensemble’s Zoom Integration, businesses can securely manage and store recorded video content, and easily publish it to an internal CMS. This makes it easy to share recorded meetings with team members who weren’t able to attend them, so they can get up to speed in their own time.

Digital collaboration

In October, Microsoft became the latest in a string of major companies to announce that more of its employees can work remotely full-time even after the pandemic ends. This ongoing shift to remote and flexible work would not be possible without technology to facilitate long-distance collaboration.

Team collaboration is key to creating a sense of cohesion within a company, and it’s more challenging than ever when employees are dispersed. In addition to Zoom, remote work is showing many companies the importance of digital tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams in an effort to promote employee connection and productivity. To support digital engagement, Ensemble Video’s customizable playlist feature makes it easy for companies to engage their employees, no matter where team members are located. You can easily live stream meetings, provide updated training to your team or onboard new employees entirely remote.

Are you looking for a video platform to support your company’s remote working video collaboration in 2021?

Trying to find the right video platform for your company can be an overwhelming undertaking, so we’re here to help. Check out our guide to learn what factors you need to consider when choosing a video platform. Are you ready to learn more about how Ensemble Video can support your company? Contact us today to set up a trial.


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