Need Student Engagement Strategies? These 3 New Ensemble Tools Will Increase Engagement

By on January 29, 2021
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Educators across the world have needed to come up with more effective student engagement strategies this past year. Since student engagement is linked to success in both online and in-person learning environments, these strategies are critical to maintaining high-quality education.

At Ensemble Video, we know that engaging students remotely is a challenge which is why we’ve prioritized launching new features that do just that. With our new comment, notes and quizzes features, you can use video tools to increase student engagement.

Interactive Video Comments

Our new interactive video comments feature allows everyone using Ensemble to leave comments on videos. This feature can greatly boost remote student engagement. If you’re a teacher, you can encourage students to discuss class concepts directly on a lecture video. This will encourage students to ask their questions to the group and allow other students to practice their understanding by helping their classmates. In this way, comments provide a forum for students to learn and to connect with each other.

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Video Notes

In addition to video comments, students can leave notes on video. This feature allows viewers to annotate videos, essentially bookmarking key moments in each video with their notes. Video creators can even add notes when they first upload videos, to help viewers identify core information and navigate to where it is discussed.

Direct video notes can play a part in student engagement strategies in a few different ways. First of all, you can create notes to add additional context to your video content. These supplementary notes can provide details that you may not have been able to incorporate into the video itself, or share information on where viewers can learn more.

Secondly, viewers have the option to add private notes, allowing them to jot down key points and ideas to enhance their understanding as they watch. And finally, students have the ability to create public notes, which is ideal for group projects.

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 10.59.58 AMIntegrate Quizzes on YouTube Videos

Ensemble’s Video Quiz feature allows instructors and trainers to easily create quizzes on top of their videos and then publish them in the LMS, CMS, blog or webpage. These quizzes pause video playback to check engagement and information retention, and include options for multiple choice, true/false, and multi-selection checkbox questions, so there is plenty of ability to tailor them to your needs. Now, in addition to using the Ensemble quiz feature in your video content in your LMS and CMS, you can also integrate Ensemble Quizzes into Youtube videos.

Video quizzes should be key to any student engagement strategy that incorporates video. These quizzes ensure that viewers pay attention, and help you gauge understanding and recall. Simply knowing that they will be quizzed will encourage students to take notes, and the act of taking the quiz can reinforce the concepts they need to learn.

These quizzes are simple to create, and a walkthrough explaining how to set up video quizzes is available on the Ensemble website.

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Interested in learning how video tools can help you build better student engagement strategies?

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