CASE STUDY: Temple University

By on October 28, 2013

Temple University in Philadelphia relies on its Computer Services Department for most IT needs, from the telecommunications network to complex web applications.

The Web and Media Services group manages all video and streaming media services. Viral M. Mehta, Assistant Director for the group, oversees video production and streaming for curriculum and public content for Temple University.

Over the last five years, Mehta’s team has met growing demand for curriculum and public event content by using Ensemble Video for its speed, flexibility and easy access.

“Five years ago, we shot, produced, and edited video manually, and then encoded and uploaded via SFTP to our streaming servers,” said Mehta. “We quickly saw the need for a platform to automate the process and efficiently serve our non-technical administrative and faculty users.”

Ensemble Video Platform Delivers Cost‐Saving IT Solution for Temple University, Streaming Video to 17 Colleges and Distance Learning Network

Philadelphia’s Temple University implemented Ensemble Video to stream video curriculum, providing anytime, anywhere access for 37,000 students, throughout 17 schools and colleges, across four regional campuses and the university’s distance learning network.

Now, faculty can easily create curriculum, and even record class activity on iPhones and post to the Ensemble Video Platform for student review to improve learning.


  • Need to play streaming video on any device, anywhere
  • Need an easy-to-use, integrated, automated, always-on video platform


  • Implement easy-to-use tools to save faculty time
  • Increase flexibility for students and faculty
  • Save IT time and money by automating video content and reducing tech support

Click here to read the entire Ensemble Video Temple University case study.

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