Using a Custom Employee Training Video Platform

By on June 14, 2018
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We know it can be tempting to use a free video service like YouTube or Vimeo to host your company’s training videos. But, because companies with unique video management and delivery needs, you should avoid free platforms and use a custom one. On a custom platform, your content is more secure, you can track video viewership, you have access to more helpful features and functionalities, and you can organize videos and customize your platform however you see fit.

More secure video content and protected trade secrets

Companies must be careful to ensure their training videos are not accessible by the public. Even though free video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo offer some privacy settings like the ability to select specific users for viewing access, these settings are cumbersome for video managers and do not offer nearly the range of video security capabilities as a custom platform.

For example, a large auto parts retailer and Ensemble customer uses the platform for training retail representatives in the store and on new products. Without security options like the ability to restrict video viewing to specific users, groups or their CMS, their video content would be at risk of breach by competitors.

Other custom video platform end-to-end security options can include: user viewing restriction, playlist viewing restriction, LDAP group video access, individual video viewing restriction, restricted playlist viewing by DNS or web address, restricted playlist viewing in portal, limited number of concurrent viewers and restricted access by IP address or IP range.

More control over video tracking

An important tool for training new employees is keeping track of who is actually completing video training programs. With a custom video platform, you can track and report viewership by user including duration and percentage of video watched, which videos were viewed and how many times.

Another Ensemble customer, a manager of high-end retirement communities across the country, uses the video platform for training, including a partnership with the Culinary Institutes of America on how to prepare food and care for residents. Ensuring staff has viewed all of the correct training videos helps them maintain quality and consistency across locations.

More video features and flexible content organization and integration

When you use a custom video platform to host your company’s training videos, you have many more options than you would with a free service, including the capability to:

  • Supplement videos with attachments, links and annotations

  • Use interactive transcripts and automatic closed captioning

  • Implement search in video functionality

  • Customize your platform with your company’s branding

Additionally, you can organize your video libraries however works best for your company, whether that’s by department, topic, individual person or another categorization.

If you ever need to make updates to your employee training videos, you can simply change the video file in Ensemble Video, and it will automatically update wherever the video is embedded. You can’t say the same for YouTube –– if you need to change a video there, you’ll have to re-upload and re-embed everywhere it lives on the web.

And because many companies are interested in managing corporate Gmail accounts, having a video platform that integrates with the company’s Windows Active Directory management system is critical.

More centralized video management

When you use YouTube to host videos, you still have to tap other tools for any screen capture or meeting capture needs your company may have. You have to record and edit on another program, and only then can you upload that video content to YouTube to share with your audience. With a custom video platform like Ensemble Video, you can livestream, or capture screens or in-person presentations and trainings to share directly on the platform. And with dual-stream recording, you can even share a side-by-side live view of a screen and a meeting at the same time.

When you can use one tool to handle the entire video delivery process —from capturing, managing and playing — you can reduce the costs of training at your enterprise.

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Now that you know more about using a custom employee training video platform, find out if Ensemble Video is right for your company.

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