Using Video Playlists to Prioritize Employee Engagement

By on August 4, 2020
Ensemble Video playlist feature encourages employee engagement

Many companies across the country are planning to work remotely for the foreseeable future, with some, like Twitter and Square, announcing that their employees have the option to work from home permanently. With the remote work lifestyle becoming the new normal for many, it’s more critical than ever that companies proactively engage their employees.

Employee engagement creates a sense of cohesion within the company, something that is more challenging with employees in different locations. That’s why we created our customizable playlist feature. It makes it easy for companies to prioritize employee engagement, no matter where team members are located.

Why you should prioritize employee engagement

When companies prioritize employee engagement, they see a higher quality of work from their team and reduce the risk and/or rate of turnover. That said, some aspects of employee engagement are out of a company’s control. In tumultuous times like this year, world events can have a significant impact on levels of engagement.

These factors make it even more critical to have a robust, flexible plan in place that helps employees feel connected at work, and technology can create dynamic opportunities to engage and inspire team members.

How Ensemble Videos’ playlist’s support employee engagement

Ensemble Videos’ playlist feature allows companies to organize and present a collection of videos to play in one after another, for select groups. Ensemble provides companies with a set of polished video playlist templates that are easy to customize and embed according to each company’s needs. Companies can then take those templates and organize their videos into lists and use the playlist in a handful of ways to promote employee engagement. Here are some examples of how companies are using playlists in their remote work environments:

Remote employee training

Training playlists can be shared with remote employees to access individually, allowing them to view the playlist at a time that’s most convenient with their schedule. With this feature, companies can track who watched the playlist to and monitor team progress on training requirements.

New hire onboarding

Onboarding playlists can be given to new hires that need to be brought up to speed on company policies and job requirements, allowing them to go through a series of onboarding and introductory videos from their home. The playlists can be integrated with Ensemble Video’s quizzes, making them the perfect solution for remote training modules that allow the company to capture what the trainee has retained.

Live streaming meetings

Promotional playlists can be shared in virtual meetings with employees as a unique way to provide updates about the company, share progress on key initiatives and more. The playlists make it easy to share content in a logical order without concerns of technical difficulties that can arise when swapping between different tools, technologies or screens to stream your video content.

Get started with Ensemble Video’s Playlists

In addition to employee engagement, Ensemble Videos’ playlists are a great tool for promotional videos, signage and more. Contact us to set up a demo and see how Ensemble Video playlists can work for your business.

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