How Your Instructors Can Increase Classroom Engagement With Student Video Assignments

By on July 3, 2018

Even as more and more university professors begin to incorporate video and flipped learning models in their classrooms to engage their students more deeply, many students are less engaged than ever with their coursework. As watching and discussing videos becomes commonplace in university class curricula, how can instructors use the video tools at their disposal to enhance their lesson plans and further engage their students?

Many university professors have begun to encourage students to create their own video content for class assignments. That’s because creating original videos teaches students valuable technical communications skills and allows them to better absorb curriculum content.

[bctt tweet="Creating original videos teaches students valuable technical communications skills and allows them to better absorb curriculum content."]

Why all students should know how to create video content

Of course, most of today’s students know how to share videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, but many don’t actually know how to use more professional, complex tools and strategies to create compelling, informative videos.

Instructors shouldn’t take students’ existing skills in this area for granted. Students should be given opportunities to practice using video in more formal or professional settings. Visual communication is a necessary skill for nearly every career path, and professors should find opportunities to help their students learn how to use sophisticated tools to create effective video content.

How creating video content can be more beneficial than viewing it

Research has shown that “learning by teaching,” or absorbing material yourself by preparing to explain it to someone else, is an effective learning method for students. So, when instructors provide opportunities for students to teach their fellow classmates through creative and original video assignments, students can gain a deeper understanding of material than they would by simply watching the videos instructors provide.

Tools universities can use to make creating video content easy for students

When a university is equipped with a video platform, complete with organized management and security features, it’s easy for professors to assign video projects and for students to create them. Students can use their own smartphones or video recorders to capture live footage, upload those videos to their editing software of choice, incorporate other visual slides with text or photos and any add voice-overs. Then, universities or departments should have an easy-to-use system in place for instructors to collect and grade completed video assignments.

With Ensemble Video, students and instructors alike can take advantage of screen and audio capture to create compelling videos, and our Video Dropbox feature makes it easy for students to submit their video assignments for grading. To learn more about Ensemble Video, schedule a demo with our team, or request a free trial to test our features.


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