Four Features that Make Ensemble the Best K-12 E-Learning Solution in the Age of COVID-19 (and Beyond)

By on April 28, 2020

As a district IT professional, you oversee dozens of schools and their technology. You’re expected to make sure the schools’ K-12 e-learning technology is user-friendly, educationally worthwhile and cost-effective. But you face challenges like cyber security and privacy concerns, and YouTube functionality issues, and now, those challenges are magnified as coronavirus makes effective e-learning essential for every school and every student. It’s critical that school systems like yours have streamlined, easy-to-use technology in place so students can continue to get their education remotely.

You need a single K-12 e-learning solution that works across your entire district, not a makeshift combination of imperfect tools that cause you to be constantly putting out fires. Ensemble Video is that single solution. Ensemble provides the features, ease of use and security you need to help your district’s teachers and students succeed during the coronavirus crisis—and beyond it.

Read on to learn about four of our features that make Ensemble Video the perfect K-12 e-learning solution for your district:

Video quizzing

More than ever, your K-12 e-learning solution needs to make it easy to deliver comprehension quizzes so that teachers can keep tabs on their students’ progress. Our video quizzing technology allows teachers to create and publish quizzes with multiple choice, true/false and multi-select checkbox questions.

Ensemble Video’s quizzes encourage active participation in the learning process, which is especially key during this time of widespread at-home learning. Additionally, since each student’s answers are recorded in the Ensemble Results Center which can feed LMS gradebook, video quizzes provide teachers with a way to track student progress and adjust lesson plans accordingly. Many teachers are finding that the same sorts of topics and concepts their students would easily comprehend in the classroom require additional reinforcement and clarification in an e-learning environment, but those insights are impossible for teachers to uncover without tools like video quizzes.


Mobile accessibility is more essential than ever for both teachers and students thanks to the unique challenges presented by COVID-19. Fortunately, Ensemble’s mobile app enables simple recording, video management and playback on an iPhone or iPad. If teachers prefer to stream video in the moment, they can use the EnsembleLive app on their iOS or Android devices. Many families do not have enough computers in their households to provide every child with their own desktop or laptop for e-learning. Most kids are using devices like smartphones and tablets to access their lessons and homework, and your school’s e-learning solution needs to make that experience as seamless as possible.

Ensemble Video’s mobile capabilities make it easy for teachers to create videos from anywhere, and allow students to access those videos and submit their assignments from any device.

Screen recording solutions

Currently, teachers are relying on technology to provide as similar of an experience as possible to the one students get in the classroom. Screen capture and recording with Ensemble Anthem and the Chrome Recorder Extension make this easier by allowing teachers to screencast and walk students through their presentations as if they were all in one room.

From teaching students how to use online programs to sharing a presentation with supplementary online material, screen recording allows classrooms to continue to function in a virtual environment without significant sacrifices to the quality of education students receive.

Media library portal

Ensemble’s Video Library Portal gives you all the functionality of a YouTube channel, but with the security and customization your school system needs now that the majority of learning is happening online. YouTube consistently falls short for K-12 e-learning needs, due to poor security, a lack of control over ads and insufficient management options that don’t work for a school or district with a lot of content.

In contrast, our portal makes it easy for teachers to create an accessible library of all of their lessons, class presentations, student assignments videos and more. It includes important features not available on YouTube, like chapter markers within long videos, the ability to make content searchable and attachable files as either links (Google Docs, Google Slides, etc.) or downloads (PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Excel). These features make it easier than ever for students to engage with video content and reference sections they need to review.

Ensemble’s media library portal also offers security features that allow media specialists and librarians to properly include licensed and copyrighted materials video materials. On YouTube, the use of these materials could breach the school’s licensing agreements. Finally, it’s important to note that Ensemble Video’s portal never includes ads or external “related content,” which can make an already distracting at-home learning environment even more cluttered and confusing for students.

How can I test these Ensemble Video features for our district’s K-12 e-learning needs?

If you’re ready to see how these features can streamline your K-12 e-learning experience for your school district during this challenging time and beyond, sign up for a free trial. If you have more questions about how Ensemble Video can work for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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