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By on May 17, 2013
Mobile Uploads

The Ensemble Video tech team has been working long and hard on a brand spankin’ new version of our software — Version 3.5 — and it’s ready for release!

We’re super excited about this update, which includes a new Moodle integration, improvements in the interface, and features that respond to common customer requests.

Users can now upload video from mobile devices, and download content from their media library (as well as enable viewer download for specific video playlists).

Our new Moodle Plugin makes it easier than ever before to publish videos and video playlists into a Moodle course.

Librarians, we’ve got a new toy for you. Restricted streaming allows you to limit the number of simultaneous viewers for licensed content.

And that’s not all — read on for a detailed summary what’s new in 3.5.
[ensemblevideo contentid=8Gj1jVhqF0KwqThkQ9NIww]

How do I get Ensemble Video Version 3.5?
  • Self-hosted customers, contact our tech team to schedule your install.
  • Cloud-hosted customers, you don’t have to do anything! Ensemble Video Version 3.5 is LIVE on the Cloud right now.
Where can I find a printable summary of the new features available in 3.5?

Click here for a PDF of the Ensemble Video Version 3.5 Summary.

Click here for a PDF of the Ensemble Video Version 3.5 Content Administrator Guide.

Click here for a PDF of the Ensemble Video Version 3.5 Organization Administrator Guide.

Click here for a PDF of the Ensemble Video Version 3.5 System Administrator Guide.

I don’t want to click anything — tell me more now!

mobile uploadMobile Upload Support: Ensemble Video users can now capture video on mobile devices and upload directly to an Ensemble Video media library, from the Web application or the Dropbox. iDevices are supported along with many Android tablets and smartphones. iPad and iPhone users can upload from the Photo Log, or record directly into Ensemble Video!

moodleMoodle Plugin: A new Ensemble Video-Moodle integration makes it easy for Moodle users to add videos and playlists without having to navigate to Ensemble Video and copy/paste embed codes. The integration (Ensemble Video Moodle Filter Plugin and Ensemble Video Moodle plugin) provides video and playlist repositories in the Moodle content editor that enable users to search and choose Ensemble Video media to be added.

uploadUpload File Size Limit Increased: Ensemble Video’s new integrated uploader allows video uploads over 2GB! This setting can be customized for individual Ensemble Video media libraries. This upgrade will eliminate the need for special “watch” directories for Ensemble Video users working with long-form or high-definition content.

restrictedRestricted Streaming (BETA): Ensemble Video’s restricted streaming module allows library media specialists and library professionals to restrict the number of simultaneous viewers to licensed streaming content. Enables libraries to check out digital copies of licensed content, and avoid the hassle of checking out DVDs.

media downloadDownload Feature: Ensemble Video content contributors and administrators can easily download content that has been uploaded or ingested into Ensemble Video media libraries. Additionally, Ensemble Video playlists can be configured to allow viewers to download content from published playlists.

templatesAuto-Create Multiple Media Source Templates: Ensemble Video added the ability to auto-create multiple upload options (or watch directories) in any new media library. Organization Administrators can specify a set of media source templates that will automatically create new media sources for any new media library added within their Organization. They can also set a Default media source template, to set a default upload option for any new department added to the library. View “How to Create a New Media Source from a Template” how-to PDF.

interfaceInterface Upgrades/Improvements: The Ensemble Video user interface was upgraded in select areas for easier, more intuitive navigation. Specifically, changes were made in the Add/Edit Wizard and the Media Library. This reduces clicks and make Ensemble Video even easier to use.

portal configPortal Configuration Tool: The Portal configuration tool enables Ensemble Video users to easily brand and configure the Ensemble Video Portal. Includes ability to brand a single playlist for their media content, and offers easy publishing, searching, ratings, comments, and sharing of videos across an institution. Additionally, the portal enables content administrators to restrict certain video(s) to specific users and to create private categories, enabling secure access to collections of organizational content.

ccEmbedded Caption Track Support: Ensemble Video users can now use the embedded closed caption track in MP4 files. Using this method allows your captioned MP4 video to be completely contained in one file, which is simpler to distribute and maintain.

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