What Is Lecture Capture?

By on June 19, 2019
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University classrooms today function a lot differently than they used to. While most instructors still present material to students in a lecture format, many of them have turned to the flipped classroom learning model, which allows students to learn material outside of a traditional lecture. This way, students can study on their own time and at their own pace, bringing specific questions to in-person discussions.

Lecture capture, or lecture recording, is an integral part of successful flipped classrooms. So, what is lecture capture, and how can you effectively use it at your university?

What is university lecture capture?

Lecture capture is the process of capturing and archiving a classroom lecture, seminar or conference. Sharing and recording video is beneficial for flipped classrooms, as well as large lectures, where instructors may not have as much one-on-one time with students to answer questions. When students can access a video of the lecture outside of class, they can revisit concepts they struggled with and bring questions to their next lecture.

Lecture capture can also mean recording an instructor’s slides with narration, rather than a video of the instructor speaking. With screen capture, students can take in the information on the screen, while the instructor provides context through audio.

With lecture capture, you can improve accessibility for all students, including those with disabilities. Features like closed captions ensure every student has the opportunity to learn from and engage with classroom content.

What does effective lecture capture look like?

To record and share lectures with students outside of the classroom, your university needs both the necessary hardware and software in place, as well as a sophisticated video management system. This recording and management system should integrate easily with your LMS for simple, automatic sharing of recorded lectures with students.

Ensemble Video’s cost-effective video recording and management system allows you to capture both lectures and screens so students can have access to either a live lecture, or their instructor’s slides. Ensemble Video’s lecture capture hardware is easy to use, with two recording device options, and instructors can use Ensemble Video’s software to record their screens or use a webcam to record video. Either way, you can set up automated recordings for regular lectures, or instructors can record video on demand. No matter the recording, lectures play on any device in any LMS system, so instructors can share video with students in no time.

Once a recording is saved into Ensemble Video, you’ll want to ensure it’s made accessible to everyone. Features like automatic captions and audio descriptions make lecture recordings accessible to students with hearing or visual impairments. These features save instructors time of manually adding captions or audio descriptions, and they make learning possible for everyone in the classroom.

There are many ways instructors can start working with lecture capture in their flipped classroom to enhance student learning. Schedule a demo to learn more about what lecture capture is and how to get started with it at your university.

Learn how Stetson University used innovative lecture capture installation to bridge the gap between academia and practical application.

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Stetson University educators wanted to take their new sales training program to the next level. Recognizing the shift towards digital, they knew they needed a video content management solution that would allow them to provide best-in-class sales training for students and stay competitive in their course offerings.

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