What You Really Need From Your Enterprise Video Platform

By on April 25, 2019
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An IT Director is told that her company wants all employee training to be switched from in-person to online videos within six months. She’s given what she initially thinks is a simple task: suggest an enterprise video platform for her company to buy, then help implement it. But after researching all of the platforms available, she struggles to distinguish between the good, the bad and the great.

This often happens for technology directors tasked with investing in an enterprise video platform for their company. How can you know for sure if your selected platform will meet your needs? What should you focus on as you search?

In our experience, most companies need these things from their enterprise video platform:

Affordability and ease of use

You shouldn’t have to break the bank to use a video platform that matches your business needs. Many video platform companies will try to sell you additional bells and whistles, but the truth is, they are often too complex and expensive for the average company’s needs.

At Ensemble Video, we never sacrifice simplicity for the sake of new, unnecessary features, and we provide our customers with a value-driven video platform at an affordable price.

Ensemble Video offers the easy-to-use and affordable devices Matrox Monarch LCS and Matrox Monarch HD to record and upload employee trainings, live events, corporate communications and sales and marketing updates at an affordable price. These videos can be edited post-event and easily integrated into your video platform using Wowza Streaming Engine™.

Essential enterprise video platform features

These are the essential video features that meet most companies’ enterprise video platform needs:

  • Video playlists and portals to keep media organized
  • Search inside video so viewers can jump to specific moments
  • Flexible security settings so video content is only viewable by the right people and teams
  • Video quizzing to ensure employees are getting the most out of training
  • Live capture to record company meetings and sales training
  • Accessibility features including interactive transcripts, audio descriptions and keyboard shortcuts
  • Closed captions including multi-language captioning and automatic captioning services

With all of these features, your company will be able to successfully capture, manage and play all of your video content.

You can read more about each of Ensemble Video’s features here.

Options for flexible hosting

Most enterprise video platforms are either self-hosted or cloud-hosted. We offer both hosting models, in addition to hybrid models, so every company can host their media content in a way that’s best for them.

Most of our enterprise customers self-host their video content because it allows them to maximize control and preserve their existing servers, hardware, network efficiencies and security settings. This allows them to reach faster upload speeds and sharper resolutions, add more RAM or CPU to customize their powerful streaming and transcoding server and protect their videos through their own local intranet.

If your company prefers on-demand software that is delivered over the Web, a cloud-hosted platform may be right for you. This removes the need for your technology staff to manage servers, installations, licenses and maintenance, and your videos can be accessed or managed from a personal computer or mobile device.

Hybrid-hosted models are for companies that want the flexibility of cloud servers with the performance of dedicated hosting. The two hybrid versions we offer, self-hosted and cloud-hosted master systems, increase the scalability of video-on-demand streaming and allow our customers to reach more viewers without clogging their networks.

Fast, reliable customer service

Even if they strive to use a video platform that is simple to use, most companies need access to customer service personnel who can help talk through any questions or issues that may arise.

Ensemble Video offers high-touch, expert customer service that includes user guides, troubleshooting techniques and assistance manually managing your servers. We offer dozens of articles to help with everything from getting started to publishing and sharing content. Or, you can always send us a message about the issue you’re facing and quickly get the support you need.

If you still need more assurance that Ensemble Video’s enterprise video platform is right for your company, you can schedule a demo.

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