Why have an online video strategy?

By on October 2, 2013

And why should you take our word for it?

Okay, so we’re a little biased. We are in the business of online video, so of course we are going to push a video strategy. Right?

But for the same reason, we also have a clear view of the evolution of video in education, and of what K-12 and higher education institutions want and need.

First, our platform was created by professors and IT administrators at Syracuse University, specifically to meet academic needs. We were unable to find what we were looking for, so we built it! Our platform has been adopted by hundreds of K-12 and higher education institutions, and we continue to cater specifically to educators (although our platform works well for enterprise clients, as well).

Second, we don’t just have customers, we have relationships. We talk to the folks down on the ground, using Ensemble in their institutions, every day. We build out our platform to meet their changing needs. We share their challenges and triumphs. We know the questions they ask, and we know the answers. When we don’t know the answers, we find out.

Third, we study the education technology marketplace very closely. It’s our job. We know our competitors, and we know our customers.

So, yes. We’re biased. But we also know what’s up.

[ensemblevideo contentid=wjqXSBpmH0qv9EKxUhFvCA]


Why have an online video strategy?

In the beginning, we got this question a lot. More and more, higher ed CIOs, technology directors, instructional designers, and savvy librarians and faculty members know the power of video in the academic environment, and know the limitations of  the free and homegrown options.

In broad strokes, here are some ways institutions are seeing value and return on investment, with an online video strategy that WORKS!

ROI in Education

  • Accelerate Teaching and Learning: Engage/Inform your students and improve results
  • Enhance Marketing and Admissions: Promote your brand, recruit students/faculty and engage your alumni
  • Leverage Libraries and Archive Content: Extend rich media resources from the library to the LMS
  • Harmonize Decision Making: Facilitate communications using online media
  • Increase Productivity: Save time and reduce duplicate efforts by digitizing common process/procedures/presentations
  • Reduce the Cost of Doing Business: Increased online media reduces travel costs, energy costs and increases organizational efficiency

Organization-Wide Value:

  • Travel Reduction
  • Improvement in Business Processes
  • Green Footprint
  • Ability to attend/review work-related events
  • Reduction in IT infrastructure
  • Revenue created through video
  • Training/Demonstration of Products/CampaignsServices/Offering
  • Acceleration of strategic projects
  • Improvement in student enrollment/retention
  • New Products/Services/Markets
  • Improved Customer Service

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