Why You Should Consider an On-Premises Video Platform for Your Company

By on July 31, 2018

On-premises video platforms are becoming more popular among organization leaders. That’s because on-premises, or self-hosted video platforms, help companies achieve a few key goals:

  • Integrating video tools with existing hardware and resources

  • Reducing monthly costs that can be incurred from cloud-based services

  • Adding another level of protection to their most sensitive internal media content

So, is an on-premises video platform right for your company? If you’re looking for an affordable solution that allows you to leverage your existing infrastructure and resources and has heightened security, you may want to consider onboarding with an on-premises platform.

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Here are some of the benefits associated with on-premises hosting:

Affordability (with the right platform)

Even though some solutions can be very expensive, with the right platform, using an on-premises video platform instead of a cloud-based one can be very economical for your organization. That’s because if you have the capacity to implement an on-premises video platform, you won’t owe monthly cloud-hosting fees to your provider, which can add up.

Ensemble Video offers the most affordable on-premises video platform solution on the market, offering more bang for your buck than other providers, along with a full suite of features and white-glove support.

Ability to leverage existing infrastructure and resources

If you already have a talented tech team on staff, or have already invested in network equipment, an on-premises video platform will allow you to continue to leverage those past investments.

Consider the hardware you’ve already been maintaining –– you can put it to good use with an on-premises video platform. And, using your own hardware to host and manage your media content can make it easier to back up and recover files should the need arise.

If you already have a talented tech team on staff, or have already invested in network equipment,… Click To Tweet

Heightened security

If you wants to ensure your company’s video content and intellectual property is secure, you can implement an internal network password using an on-premises video platform.

By hosting your company’s training, research and development, internal communications. and other videos on your own local intranet –– instead of the public internet on a cloud-based solution –– you can ensure only individuals with authorized access are viewing your videos. You can ensure additional security on your especially sensitive content by implementing locks through usernames and passwords.

You can contact us for a free trial of our on-premises video platform solution. We’ve offered an on-premises video platform solution since 2007, and we have a great deal of experience in that area. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about using an on-premises video platform for your organization.


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You should feel confident that your company’s internal video content is secure, with or without an on-premises video platform.

Maybe your team uses video for employee onboarding, sales training or research and development. To protect your company’s security, only your team should be able to view these videos. Download our white paper: “A Guide to Securing Your Company’s Video Content” now.

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