HOW TO: Livestream with Wowza Media Server 2

By on December 5, 2010
Wowza Media 2

Configuring Wowza Media Server for Live streaming is quick and easy!  

Wowza Media Server 2, like Adobe’s Flash Media Server, implements something called “Applications,” which each enable specific streaming video functions and interactions. This includes streaming video-on-demand, video recording, and live streaming. Each application has a folder in the Wowza Media Application folder as well as a configuration folder in the Wowza Media Server Conf folder where application-specific settings are stored in an XML file.

In the Wowza Media Server installation directory, there is also an Examples folder, and in it there is a LiveVideoStreaming folder. Open that folder and if you’ve installed Wowza on a Windows server, simply double-click the install.bat file.


This will open a CMD line window that will install the Live streaming application, and once it’s installed you can press any key to close that Window. If you have Wowza Media Server installed on a Macintosh or Linux server, the process is similar (consult Wowza Media Server user documentation).


The example installer automatically creates a live streaming application (by creating a “Live” application folder, and a “Live” folder in the Conf directory which includes the specifications for the application in an Application.xml file). You can send a live stream to this new Live application from an encoding appliance or PC with appropriate software, and the URL for the live stream will be something like: rtmp:// Wowza Media Server documentation offers additional details on how to stream from an appliance or encoding software to the Live application.

Summary: Wowza Media Server supports live streaming that you can configure easily, and once configured you can use it to stream live events, provide a live feed like a Webcam, or re-broadcast from a continuous “live” broadcast source like a campus television station.

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