5 Reasons to Consider Ensemble Squeeze

By on March 23, 2017

Ensemble Video is a video platform that facilitates the upload and conversion of a massive array of video and audio formats. Ensemble Video can transcode from virtually any media format to standard media formats used today, to ensure delivery to variety of devices. We do this using tools like Sorenson Squeeze and Zencoder.

Recently we began offering Ensemble Squeeze to our customers and prospects. Ensemble Squeeze is a fully integrated encoding solution from Sorenson Media, designed for Ensemble customers. Ensemble Squeeze is virtually identical to Sorenson Squeeze server, except that it will only output MP4/MP3. If you are a self-hosted customer that is using ProMedia Carbon Coder by Harmonic or if you never purchased an encoding solution you should consider purchasing Ensemble Squeeze.

5 Reasons to Consider Ensemble Squeeze

#1 – End of Life for Rhozet/ProMedia Carbon Coder by Harmonic

Ensemble Video will no longer support ProMedia Carbon Coder by Harmonic  (Rhozet Carbon Coder) after December 31, 2017.

#2 – Great Features

The Ensemble Squeeze encoding solution runs on a virtual machine (VM) and supports ABR transcoding, high quality MP4/MP3 outputs, preset configuration, watch folders and so much more! Please refer to page 3 of the Ensemble Video Server Recommendations document for more information.

#3 – Low Cost

The Ensemble Squeeze encoding solution pricing is simple. Even better, the first-year cost of Ensemble Squeeze is over 50% less than Rhozet ProMedia Carbon Coder and the full version of Sorenson Squeeze Server.

#4 – Incredible Partner Support

Ensemble Video partnered with Sorenson Media for over three years and we are convinced they are a perfect partner for Ensemble Video and our customers.

#5 – Free Trial

Want to kick the tires? We can arrange a free 30-day trial of Ensemble Squeeze at any time. Just reach out and we’ll get the process started!

What Doesn’t Ensemble Squeeze Do?

One of the most common questions we get is “What don’t you get with Ensemble Squeeze?” This is a great question, there are a couple differences between Ensemble Squeeze and Sorenson Squeeze Server.

  1. Ensemble Squeeze DOES NOT support clustered Sorenson Squeeze servers (encoding farms). If you need to cluster Sorenson Squeeze Servers to encode a high volume of content, you should look into the full version of Sorenson Squeeze Server (we can help you make this decision and purchase).
  2. Ensemble Squeeze DOES NOT come with a free version of Sorenson Squeeze Desktop. This allows you to edit the encoding presets that Ensemble Video and Ensemble Squeeze use to encode content.
  3. Ensemble Squeeze DOES NOT output files other than MP4/H.264 and MP3. This should not be an issue for Ensemble customers as those file types are fully compatible with our HTML5 player and streaming methods. With that said, Ensemble Squeeze can ingest/accept countless formats such as, .MOV, .MP4, .AVI, .FLV, etc. To review the support input formats, please refer to the Squeeze Server Support Formats document.


Is There a Price Difference?

Finally, the most common question we get is, “Is there a price difference?” The answer is yes. The good news is Ensemble Squeeze costs less. Here is a simple pricing comparison of Ensemble Squeeze and Sorenson Squeeze.

Ensemble Squeeze Pricing

Year 1: $2,500
Year 2+: $500

Sorenson Squeeze Pricing

Year 1: $5,900
Year 2+: $900

As you can see Ensemble Squeeze is a fully integrated encoding solution from Sorenson Media and it works seamlessly with Ensemble Video. Please keep in mind Ensemble Squeeze was designed specifically for Ensemble customers and it is virtually identical to Sorenson Squeeze server. If you are a self-hosted customer or prospect, please contact us to schedule a demo or request a free trial!

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