HOW IT WORKS: An Overview of the Ensemble Video Platform

By on June 19, 2014


In the past, many organizations were locked into proprietary investments in camera systems and capture tools. Ensemble Video allows you to handpick the best tools for your specific needs, reducing vendor lock-in and simplifying future tech upgrades and transitions, for a sustainable digital media ecosystem.


Our flexible publishing framework and sharing system supports centralized and distributed web-based publishing. With Ensemble, you can publish to virtually any webpage, CMS, or LMS, and utilize our public and private web portals.


Ensemble’s flexible deployment options meet the diverse needs of modern organizations, of all shapes and sizes. Our platform assimilates into your digital media ecosystem, and it grows with you, along with the streaming video industry.

Self-Hosted Environment

Designed for organizations that want to support self-organized, cooperative sharing of media assets across central or distributed departments and locations. Enables maximum flexibility and control over administration, media management, media sources, and publishing options to support many users managing hundreds to thousands of media files. Integrates with a wide range of tools and technologies across your LAN, to support diverse audio and video applications.

Cloud-Hosted Environment

This on-demand, SaaS model provides access to the core functionality of Ensemble Video, delivered over the web, at a very reasonable price point. Pricing is based on a recurring fee, and removes the need for your organization to handle installs, maintenance, and updates. Typically, cloud-hosted clients have one or more users, managing hundreds to thousands of videos, across one or more departments and locations.

Hybrid Environment

Combines the best of our self- and cloud-hosted solutions, by utilizing the Wowza Media MediaCache AddOn. This read-through caching mechanism is deployed on an edge or local server, and dynamically fetches content from the master system for immediate streaming on first request, and caches it for subsequent viewers. This is a great option for cloud-hosted customers, providing a dedicated, on-premise media server for local VOD and live streaming. It’s also an option for self-hosted customers interested in having cloud-based media servers for VOD streaming off the LAN.

Multi-Tenant Environment

Ensemble Video is aware that business and educational consortiums would like to deploy a video platform for multiple tenants. Consortiums have unique needs and our software is designed perfectly for deployment in a consortium.


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