PRESS RELEASE: Ensemble Video Releases Version 3.4

By on October 30, 2012
Ensemble Video Version Update

Ensemble Video Releases Version 3.4, With Single-Portal for Shared Content, Integrated YouTube™ Feed, and Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
for High-Quality Viewing

Syracuse, NY — October 30, 2012 — Ensemble Video, a leader in video content management for education and enterprise, today announced the release of Ensemble Video Platform version 3.4, with a new integrated portal interface. The Ensemble Video Portal extends the publishing capability to offer a YouTube-like visible content destination, enabling institutions to deliver shared content from a single access point. Now, organizations can easily upload, share, and seamlessly distribute rich media content in an out-of the-box portal, with minimal setup.

“Ensemble Video is an institutional and enterprise platform choice because of the flexibility of its publishing design,” said Andy Covell, CEO of Ensemble Video. “The new Ensemble Video Portal offers yet another way for institutions to share content, including private content, and it is a complement to their YouTube distribution, LMS and CMS integration. Ensemble Video delivers an array of publishing options and mechanisms to suit any circumstance.”

Educational organizations can utilize the Ensemble Video Portal to publish curriculum, distance learning, and library content, as well as student-upload and community content. Corporations can use the Ensemble Video Portal to deliver private and public events, such as restricted access employee videos, executive broadcasts, and public-facing promotional videos.


  • Ensemble Video Portal enables easy management of both internal and public-facing content, delivered through a branded website. The portal lets customers place viewing restrictions on institutional content, ensuring secure access to sensitive or licensed content.
  • YouTube Feed is an integrated feature of the newest version of Ensemble Video, that allows customers to easily distribute their video content to a specific YouTube account, while managing the content in their central media repository.
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR) is a new Ensemble Video Platform option, which detects a user’s bandwidth capabilities in real time and adjusts the quality of the streaming video to deliver the best video file based on a viewer’s connection speed. Ensemble offers flexible ABR encoding recipes to fit a wide range of scenarios, including streaming HD content across high-speed enterprise networks into lecture halls or large meeting venues.


“The ability to publish to YouTube directly from Ensemble Video allows Marshall University faculty to distribute their content from one central location, and gives them greater flexibility and choice when using video in the classroom. It also gives us the enterprise media management features needed to utilize a single-user, account-driven application campus wide.”

Eric S. Himes, Director of Digital Media Services at Marshall University

“The addition of the Adaptive Bitrate streaming will greatly enhance the Ensemble platform and result in a better viewing experience for campus audiences or distance learning students on high-speed and low-speed connections. Well done!”

James J. Vivenzio, Coordinator for Media Services and Student Computing at the Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University

About Ensemble Video

Ensemble Video is an award-winning video content management system that enables efficient, coordinated, and collaborative rich media management for a small group of users, or for all the users within an organization. Ensemble Video is flexible, easy to deploy and support, easy to use, and integrates with a wide range of complementary video and web technologies. Ensemble Video offers a competitive set of online video solutions in the form of self-hosted , cloud-based, and managed service models (e.g., consortium hosted). Learn more about our expertise, our team, and our story.

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