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By on March 19, 2010
Syracuse University Video Showcase

With Ensemble Video’s collaboration and sharing features, you can easily create a video showcase website for your organization. If you have lots of compelling content across your organization, a showcase website can be a real winner!

Many organizations that use Ensemble’s video publishing system find that video is being created and used by several different departments or individuals throughout the organization. Video is a powerful medium, and tools for creating good quality video are now inexpensive and easy to learn and use.

As your organization builds out its media libraries, you can maximize the value of your investment in video by creating a single searchable video repository where users and departments from across the organization can share and publish their video content. This is referred to as a “video showcase” website, and this concept was one of the initial drivers behind the publishing and sharing capabilities of Ensemble Video. The Syracuse University Video Showcase is a well-known example of this phenomenon:

Example situations where a showcase website can be useful include:

  • A high school teacher wants to organize contributions from across her school district to create a shared library of educational content around a specific discipline.
  • A university wants to create a multimedia research resource with contributions from multiple academic units engaged in a multidisciplinary research initiative.
  • A K-12 consortium wants to create a shared, searchable repository of regional professional development sessions to cost-effectively extend professional development opportunities across the region.
  • A state government agency wants to coordinate content contributions from across state agencies to create a single multimedia destination that supports economic development or some other strategic initiative.
  • A large corporation which has several websites — where marketing, public relations, and other external content is published — wants to create a single central repository of institutional content.

How To: Set Up a Playlist (Web Destination) and Publish Video

How To: Feature a Video in a Showcase

How To:  Feature a Category in a Video Showcase


A showcase website enables you to build a valuable resource that can also speak volumes about the great things that are going on throughout your organization. It is very easy in Ensemble Video to set up the permissions for the required sharing. Different approaches are available depending on the filtering you want to exert before content goes live on your showcase website.

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