What Video Technology Students Will Expect in Their College Classrooms This Year

By on December 10, 2019

Technology in the world of higher education has evolved from cumbersome databases and glitchy learning management systems to seamless lecture experiences, digital assignments and apps that enhance comprehension. As physical chalkboards and textbooks go by the wayside, students are now expecting and demanding user-friendly technology as a part of their learning experience. Universities and colleges must meet this growing demand. Video technology is important not only for professors and current students, but also for appealing to prospective students through marketing and recruitment efforts. And in the coming year, students will expect their institutions to be more sophisticated than ever when it comes to video.

What technology students are looking for at your university

Mobile learning via video and seamless HTML5 video player experiences

In today’s higher education environment, a student’s primary device is not their laptop, but their smartphone. Mobile has become more important than ever as students have moved toward using their phones for consuming and creating content across all areas of daily life. Students want to access course work, communicate with professors, do research and submit assignments on the go. And now that smartphones have evolved to feature better cameras, higher screen resolution, more robust storage and a stronger app infrastructure, video can be a powerful part of a student’s mobile experience.

To keep up with student demands, your institution needs all of its video content – from lecture recordings to video quizzes – to be easy to access and seamlessly interact mobile devices. With Ensemble Video’s multi-device streaming functionality, meeting this need is a no-brainer. Ensemble’s HTML5 video player automatically detects the device each student is using and displays the video in the proper player for their device, whether it’s a iPhone, Android, iPad, or computer.

Video in every part of the learning experience

Because they rely so heavily on technology in their personal lives, students now expect their learning experience to reflect the same level of technology integration. That means today’s students want video to be part of every aspect of their coursework. A few years ago, students were primarily interested in lecture capture, but today, they also want to use video to engage with and enhance what they’re learning about in class. Video quizzes, video-based assignments, and supplemental video that gives students another way to interact with information shared in lectures and textbooks are all in high demand.

Live streaming for important campus experiences

College is an important period of many students’ lives, full of milestones like thesis presentations, debate competitions, sporting events, and ultimately, graduation. Students want to share these moments with their friends and family, and now, they expect to be able to do so whether the people they love can make it to campus or not. Video technology is the answer. With Ensemble Video, you can live stream any event, and thanks to our HTML5 video player, you can make that stream available publically from any device.

How your university can use video to attract students

As your university continues to make advancements in video technology to satisfy growing demand, you should put these advancements front in center in your recruitment marketing efforts and use them to attract new students.

Make sure your use of video technology is featured in your traditional marketing materials, on your website and via your social media channels. Then, when prospective students visit campus, create experiences for them to see students engaging with video firsthand, whether in a lecture our during their study time.

Video technology has the power to set your school apart from other institutions. The key is making your video platform easy to use, especially with the high volume of individuals accessing it. Implementing technology to meet current needs is the first step. Promoting that technology in marketing and recruitment—and then continuing to evolve in new, future-thinking ways—comes next.

How Ensemble Video meets students’ technology needs and sets your university apart

As technology continues to evolve, it is easy to get caught up in complex video solutions and pricey platforms. Ensemble Video provides features that allow universities and colleges to customize the video platform to their needs while remaining cost-effective and easy to implement and use.

Ensemble Studio, our lecture capture recording and scheduling system, uses room-based video capture hardware that automatically records the presentation and projector screen at scheduled times. Ensemble’s publishing tools can then automatically send the video to your school’s learning management system (LMS). This seamless experience cuts down on technical issues and set-up time during class, a benefit to professors and students alike.

With our HTML5 video player, Ensemble guarantees video delivery to virtually any device: iPhones, iPads, Android devices and computers. When it comes to the viewing experience, our platform also offers closed captions, search inside video, annotations and varying levels of playback speed. These features allow greater accessibility for students with different devices and different learning styles and needs.

With an eye to the future, Ensemble can also scale with your university’s changing needs as they continue to evolve. Unlike many other video platforms, Ensemble was created and designed with colleges and universities in mind. It’s backed by a knowledgeable team that has deep experience in higher ed and understands the unique needs of institutions like yours.

If you’re looking to implement video technology to meet student demand and provide a seamless learning experience, reach out to our team. Ensemble Video will help set up your university or college for recruitment success and future innovation.

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