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By on June 6, 2013
Mobile Uploads

Ensemble Video enables hundreds of progressive organizations across the globe to accelerate learning, increase viewer engagement, improve knowledge sharing, and reduce the cost of doing business. 

So far in 2013, Ensemble released two back-to-back software upgrades (versions 3.4 and 3.5), packed with cool tools to help organizations harness the power of video.

New customer-focused features streamline video content management and make it easier for organizations to use video effectively. Strategic interface improvements reduce clicks and make Ensemble Video more intuitive to use than ever before.

Check out the top 5 new features available right now, to Ensemble Video cloud-hosted, self-hosted, and multi-tenant customers:

  1. Ensemble Video Portal extends publishing capability, enabling institutions to deliver shared content from a single access point. The Portal enables easy management of both internal and public-facing content, delivered through a secure, branded website.Educational organizations can utilize the Ensemble Video Portal to publish curriculum, distance learning, and library content, as well as student-upload and community content. Corporations can deliver private and public events, such as restricted access employee videos and executive broadcasts, as well as public-facing promotional videos.
  2. YouTube Feed allows users to get the most out of uploaded content by keeping the dual function of Ensemble Video and YouTube, while managing everything from inside the Ensemble Video platformUpload once, and simply push selected content to one or more YouTube channels. Also, un-publish a video from YouTube without removing it from your Ensemble Video library, or from other published locations on the web.
  3. Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR) is a new Ensemble Video Platform option, which detects a user’s bandwidth capabilities in real time, and adjusts the quality of the streaming video to deliver the best video file based on a viewer’s connection speed.Ensemble offers flexible ABR encoding recipes to fit a wide range of scenarios, including streaming HD content across high-speed enterprise networks into lecture halls or large meeting venues.
  4. Mobile Upload Support allows users to capture video on mobile devices and upload directly to an Ensemble Video media library, from the Ensemble Video Web Application or Video Dropbox.iDevices are supported, along with most Android tablets and smart phones. iPad and iPhone users can upload from the Photo Log, or record directly into Ensemble Video!
  5. Restricted Streaming Module (BETA) allows library media specialists and library professionals to restrict the number of simultaneous viewers to licensed streaming content.Ensemble Video’s restricted streaming module enables libraries to check out digital copies of licensed content, and avoid the hassle of checking out DVDs. 

SNEAK PEEK: Top 3 Upcoming Features

The Ensemble Video development team is working hard to make your video work even harder for you! Later this summer, a new version of the Ensemble Video platform will be ready to rock. Get ready for:

  1. Social Media Integration offers an easy way for users to share content on a variety of social networks without leaving the Ensemble Video platform.A sleek new video preview page provides integrated social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. Users can also cut and paste the video’s short URL, to share a video with social networks, and countless other places on the web.
  2. Trim Video Feature lets users to clip the “head and tail” from a video, to remedy false starts, cut awkward fumbling at the beginning and end of a video, or even select a short clip from a longer video – all without messing with video editing software. Simply select new in and out points, right from the Ensemble Video interface.The Trim Video Feature also provides an easy way for educators to comply with fair use guidelines, enhancing teaching and learning with short excerpts from copyrighted films, while steering clear of infringement.
  3. Enhanced Analytics help users get the most out of their media, with targeted reports on video content and viewer engagement. Ensemble’s analytics will also provide stakeholders with increased access to information and analysis on the overall impact of their video content management system, enabling them to harness the power of video like never before!


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