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By on March 24, 2010
Microsoft Expression Encoder 3

If you’re a PC user and want an easy, inexpensive tool to do some basic edits on Windows Media, AVI, M4V, MOV, or MP4 files, then Microsoft Expression Encoder is a tool you should consider. While output is limited to Windows Media in the free version, with a low-cost upgrade you can export great-looking MP4/H.264 video as well! ABC.

Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 is a fairly simple, easy-to-use tool that replaces the older Windows Media Encoder. It also provides limited edit functionality and can serve as a replacement for Windows Movie Maker for some applications. It certainly offers a lot more control over the parameters used to compress your video, and the free version can import MP4 files as well as Windows Media, QuickTime, MPEG-2, M4V, and AVI files.

The Expression Encoder interface provides significant functionality and configuration for compressing video for Internet delivery. While it’s not the simplest interface, anyone with a basic understanding of video editing and compression should be able to use it with only a modest investment of time and effort.

Microsoft Expression Encoder 3

Expression Encoder 3 also offers screen capture capability, and can capture your PC microphone and Webcam as you narrate on-screen activity. It offers tons of settings that let you really tweak how your video will look on output. Below are some typical settings for exporting an MP4 video.

Microsoft Expression Encoder 3

You can download the free version here.  With the free version you can import a host of file formats, but you can’t export MP4 files. For that you need to upgrade to the premium version at the Microsoft Store for $49.

You can also do batch encoding, and there are presets for a variety of video formats and compression settings. Check out the FAQ for more information, and you’ll also want to check out the library of useful training videos available here.


If you are a PC user and you want a simple, inexpensive tool to clip and re-order footage, splice together a couple of clips, add leader or trailer content, and then compress your video, MS Expression Encoder is a tool you should consider. While Expression Encoder may not be effective if you have more extensive editing to do,it may be just the ticket if you just want to tweak MP4 files downloaded from your flip-camera.

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